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I've been busy... My empties in January 2015.

I have mentioned a couple of times that I am preparing a huge post about my empties from a six months period that I finished last year, is taking me much more than I expected to write it, make my pictures just right and in the end to finish it. So, I decided that I will write about my January empties first and  my huge empties post will have to wait for now.

As you can see in the picture I really have been busy in January (at least in my opinion) so no wonder that a post 6 times bigger needs a bit more effort and time.

And I forgot to put one of my empties in the pile above... That is probably because I am so sad to see it gone. My beloved Korres Jasmine Lip Butter. I love it and I would definitely buy it again, but I have some other lip balms waiting for their turn, so this little guy is just a sweet memory for now. If you want to know more about it, I reviewed it here.

I will start with my hair products. I finished two shampoos last month, one of a regular kind and one dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are great for my fine and greasy hair because they add volume when my hair is looking flat and revive it when I didn't have the time to wash it. Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo is a staple in my collection and I used up many bottles of it. Since it is such a common product for me,  I will write its own post. It really deserves it.  And the other product is an old fashioned type of shampoo which is also always among my hair products and that is Head&Shoulders shampoo of any kind. I always have one and wash my hair with it once a week just to make sure that dandruff are no where near my scalp. Since I haven't had dandruff in years, I can recommend it and say that it really works its magic, at least in my case.

In the next category of face products, I used up two cleansing products. One is Olival's cleansing milk that I mentioned in my 2014. favourites- here, from their immortelle line. This is a great cleansing milk that I used for removing my makeup, especially while I was using up a micelle solution which wasn't that good. It is very light in texture, almost watery, not greasy and very gentle both to the face and eye area. I don't have super sensitive eyes but this didn't hurt or sting them at all. And the other product is Lavera's cleansing gel with ginkgo and bio grapes. It wasn't bad but I am planning to write a review on some Lavera products, this one included, so I will not go into more details in this post.

Then there is body care.... I used up a king size (700 ml big pot) BioBaza face and body milk, that also has quite natural and good ingredients. I was using it as something more nourishing during my Balea In shower milk period (review), which is still going strong, and although I wouldn't apply it on my face, I think that it is a great body care product and this wasn't the first or the last big pot of it that I had and used up. I can really recommend it.

The other body milk that I used up is Kozmo's nourishing body milk with olives. This is a nourishing product, quite rich in texture and it leaves your skin with a greasy residue. Although it contains olives it smells like lemons and it wasn't a bad product but I wouldn't buy it again. Just wasn't something spectatular to me.

I also used up two hand creams. One is marketed like that and the other one is like an all purpose baby/children's cream. The Body&Soul lotus and shea butter hand cream, which is a part of Müller's body line was OK. It smelled nice, wasn't too strong, was light in texture but gave some nourishment to my hands. Having said that, I don't think it would be strong enough if your hands were really dry or cracked. It was nice but I wouldn't buy it again. And the other one was Becutan baby cream that I love. It has a very thick texture, nourishes and reminds me a lot of Nivea good old hand cream that comes in a tin pot.

And while we are talking about Nivea, there is also one of its products in my January empties. I mentioned it many times, had it in my favourites almost always, have bought and went through countless bottles of it, and I will most definitely buy it again, and the product that I am talking about is Nivea Fresh Natural roll-on deodorant. Love it and recommend it to anyone!!! Great product that smells very fresh but feminine... Can't say enough good about it. 

I write a lot about Lush so it is no surprise that I used up some of their products, too. Two bubble bars to be exact: Holly Golightly (review) and Christmas Hedgehog (review), and one solid face serum- Full of Grace that I recently wrote about here. The bubble bars were great and I would recommend them, if you can find them still since they were a part of Lush's LE holiday collection and the serum is a product from their permanent line which didn't wow me at all, so I would say to skip it.

I am also saying goodbye to two mini 3.75 ml OPI nail polishes from LE collections. Both of them were great and I am not happy that they will no longer be with me. One is from their New York Ballet collection, sheer white Don't Touch my Tutu shade, and the other one is deep red Wocka Wocka! colour from their Muppet's collection.

I only have one makeup product that I finished in January and that is Jordana Retractable Easyliner in the shade Eggplant.  A very wearable purple shade that I used after finishing my UD glide on 24/7 pencils (review here). It was an OK product which I used on my lids and in my waterline. I must say that it is soft, smudges nicely but isn't as good as UD.  Not as easy to work with and less long lasting. In the waterline you have to be careful because it loves to gather in the inner part of the eye (creating gunk) which is not sexy at all, but if you use a cotton bud to remove any excess immediately after you apply it, it is less of a problem. I finished it completely but wouldn't buy it again.

there is a measuring cap on the top of the bottle

And the last "kind of" a beauty product is my Esi 100% natural Aloe Vera juice that I drink every morning on an empty stomach with 2 dcl of water. A good way to start a day and it helps you to stay healthy. It doesn't taste great but isn't horrible either.

Those were my empties. I must say that after seeing them like this I see a theme. In January I obviously tried to go more natural and used lots of Croatian brands. So, what do you say? Was I busy or this isn't a big empties post in your opinion? Do you like my choices?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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