Saturday, 15 February 2014

Garnier Ultra Doux Purifying shampoo and conditioner for greasy hair with soft clay and citron extract

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you, but I am in a constant search for new and exciting hair products. I found the ones for my deep conditioning, which I use once a week or once in ten days, and I already raved about them- here, my macadamia deep conditioning mask and oil, but I haven't found my perfect day to day shampoo and conditioner, and belive me, I tried many... from different brands and price ranges. Although I love earlier mentioned Macadamia mask and oil, I didn't like their shampoo and conditioner at all. So, as a result of everything said, and since I used up my LabelM shampoo that didn't impress me either, I decided to try and find my next choice at the drugstore. So, I went to DM and bought these two.

Garnier Ultra Doux Purifying shampoo and conditioner for greasy hair with soft clay and citron extract are available in all drugstores, well at least in Croatia, in grocery stores as well. They come in an usual plastic 250 ml (shampoo) and 200 ml (conditioner) bottles. Another thing that drew me to them is that they don't contain silicones or parabens. And their two main active ingredients are soft clay (clay consisting products are great for my oily skin) and citron extract.

And where do I stand with these??? I'll start with the shampoo. This is a very strong shampoo that gets your hair squeaky clean but also tangles it like crazy. I first tried to shampoo my hair twice, which is what I normally do, but then decided to shampoo it only once. My hair became a little strawy and I wasn't too thrilled about that. I can't say that it damaged my hair or changed the colour but I didn't like that it was so "aggressive". Without a conditioner and any kind of tangle teasing brush, you would be very likely brushing your hair for half an hour in order to brush it out. So, if your hair is dry, damaged or curly, I would stay away from this. For us, with greasy hair, I would say don't bother either. It is just too much... It cleans your hair but I have a feeling that because of that squeaky clean part, my hair became even more oily in order to protect itself. As for the smell, the smell is fine, and I think it will not bother many people, it does have a clay and citron undertone but if you wouldn't know its ingredients, you would probably be completely unaware of them, and the scent doesn't stay in your hair too long.

And now its smaller brother, the conditioner. Little better but not great. It is light, but after shampooing your hair with above mentioned bigger sister, you will need a big amount of it to help you fight that stubborn, tangled hair. It is not amazing with other shampoos, either. The smell is the same as the shampoo.

shampoo ingredients

conditioner ingredients

So, my final thoughts are that I wouldn't buy this products again, or recommend them. They are not bad products but not worth your money, either (in my opinion), especially if you expect them to solve your greasy hair problem or prolong the period of not washing it.

Until next time...

Love, beautyandbrains007


  1. dugo nisam probala nista od njih pogotovo kad je izasla ova nova linija a probala sam onaj sampon od 5 biljaka i bio mi je super

    1. Ma meni je Garnier kao brend interesantan, ali ovaj šampon i regenerator im stvarno nisu nešto.