Sunday, 1 February 2015

LUSH Full of Grace solid face serum

After many Lush posts about their limited edition products, today I am bringing you my opinion on their permanent solid face serum- Full of Grace. Similar to their massage bars, this also is a bar which you apply either by rubbing it directly on your face or melt it a little bit between your palms or fingers and then massage it on your face.

This is what Lush says about it:
"A deeply moisturising facial serum in solid form that glides on to leave skin feeling renewed without heaviness. We've created a skin-feeding blend of oils and mixed with Portobello mushrooms for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals, whilst chamomile blue oil and calamine powder calm the skin – and the latter controls greasiness too. Warm on the fingertips or glide it across the skin like a massage bar, allowing the bar to melt and all the beautiful ingredients to soak in."

This 20 g bar costs 86 kunas (about 11.60 Euros/8.37 GBP/12.62$) and will last you a long time.

list of ingredients

I have combination skin with oily t-zone which, during winter, can become dry on its surface, even flaky. Written like this, it sounds wonderful... :) Since this serum is ment for dry and sensitive skin I decided to try it out this winter, but only after I got it as a gift from a friend of mine. I wouldn't personally buy it because I don't like that it is in a bar form, too much hands involved especially for the face, and I was worried that it will be full of bacteria after a while (my hands are always clean before application), although I can't say that it caused any irritations or breakouts. Also, because of its form there are storage problems (I kept it wrapped in a tissue) and it is definitely not very travel friendly. I read that it can cause clogged pores but I didn't experience that more than usual.

It has an oily texture once it melts for application, sinks into the skin (not entirely) but doesn't provide much moisture or nourishment. My skin isn't crazy dry so I am wondering if it would do anything for really dry skin? As I said before, I have dry patches on my combination skin but this alone didn't help with them. I only applied it in the evening because it is too oily for the day time (at least for my type of skin), and when I used it alone, my skin felt dry and not enough nourished in the morning, but when I used it with my face cream, it was OK.

What I don't like at all about this serum is its smell. Sometimes it doesn't smell horrible but sometimes it smells like I have dirty socks somewhere near me, and I blame mushrooms that it contains for that. Also with application it melts away and is prone to breaking to pieces.

this is how mine looks and that is all what is left of it

Mine is almost entirely used up and I will finish it because it doesn't hurt my skin and I like to finish my products but my overall verdict is that this isn't a HG product, it didn't do much for my skin and I wouldn't buy it again.

What about you? Have you tried it? Do you use Lush face products?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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