Monday, 26 May 2014

L'Oreal Elseve Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner

I've written many times before, that I am always in the market for my HG shampoo and conditioner, so it is no wonder that these two also got their chance. I present you the L'Oreal Elseve Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner.

In Croatia there are quite strongly advertised, so after using up my Garnier Ultra Doux Purifying duo- review here, which is quite strong to the hair, I wanted something more gentle in my routine.

Sometimes I am a real girly girl so the cute turquoise and hot pink packaging helped me to decide that I need them. Also, a colleague of mine tried them and liked them very much. Nice colours and recommendation? Of course I bought them. ;)
You can find the shampoo in smaller 200 ml bottle, but I went for a king size 400 ml bottle of shampoo, and 200 ml bottle of conditioner. There is also a mask from this line but I haven't tried it. In Croatia, you can pretty much find them anywhere: Kozmo, Bipa, DM, Müller, grocery stores, and a 400 ml bottle of shampoo costs around 40 kunas (around 5.27 Euros/4.27 GBP/7.19 $), while a 200 ml condtioner bottle costs about 23 kunas (around 3.03 Euros/2.45 GBP/4.13 $). Bottles are made from plastic and are quite sturdy, I would say travel friendly.

The whole idea behind this line is to add volume to your hair by making it thicker.
"The latest in hair thickening technology. Specially developed with Filloxane to help increase the hair's diameter*, the formula provides deep cleansing whilst giving you luxurious-looking body & bounce."

I want to let you know first, that my hair isn't thin and I have a lot of it. It is prone to greasing, so I was a bit worried if these products will make it heavier but my experience wasn't bad at all.

What L'Oreal says about the shampoo:
"A breakthrough in the science of hair, L'Oréal Laboratories have created our 1st haircare range proven to give thicker hair wash after wash."

From my experience this shampoo is quite gentle and nourishing to the hair. It will wash your hair without making it squeaky clean and tangled up. Having said that, if you have dry hair you will definitely need a conditioner after it. Even my greasy hair needs it to make combing out easier.

shampoo ingredients

Conditioner is also nourishing, it leaves hair softer and makes combing out much easier. You have to find the right measure, how much of it do you need for your hair, and then it will not be bad. Otherwise, it can and will make your hair heavier. Then again, I wouldn't say that it is a substitute for a deep conditioning hair mask.

What L'Oreal says about the conditioner:
"A light formula containing Filloxane, that helps thicken hair* while leaving it feeling nourished and weightless."

As far as the scent goes, both products smell the same to me, and although it is not an offensive and strong smell, it isn't something that will make your knees shake. It is too floraly for my taste but fortunately it doesn't stay long on the hair so I don't think it will really bother a lot if people.
If you have extremely greasy hair, a continuous use can build up product on your hair, which wasn't a problem for me because I always wash my hair once a week with Head&Shoulders just to keep any signs of dandruff away. That also prevented any build up.

And for adding thickness, I think that it would help doing that for thin hair but since mine is quite thick to begin with, I must be honest and say that it didn't do much for me, but it also isn't really ment for my type of hair. Because of that I wouldn't buy these products again but think that they are not bad at all.

This is not the end of my search after all....

Have you tried these products? Like them? Interested?

Love, beautyandbrains007