Friday, 20 February 2015

LUSH Ultimate Shine shampoo bar

"Elemi oil is the wonder ingredient in this solid bar. It’s good for the scalp because it keeps it balanced and in great condition. Ylang ylang helps to form a beautiful scent and also has a double duty rebalancing the scalp and lifting your mood. Floral violet leaf oil helps to keep away any microbes, leaving you with a clean and cared for head." This is how Lush describes this shampoo bar but to be honest, this whole concept was strange to me and I never went for one of their shampoo bars. They seemed strange to me but then I got Ultimate Shine shampoo bar in a kit and decided to give it a go.

Although Lush says that these shampoo bars are a good alternative to any liquid shampoos because they don't need to be in packaging and you can use them up to 80 times, I wouldn't agree completely with that claim. If you would only leave this shampoo bar sitting in your shower or on your tub it would get really dirty and not at all sanitary with time, which they are obviously also aware of since they made an aluminium shampoo tin to keep it in. Since it is made from aluminium there is no rust but it oxidizes during time so it also isn't a permanent solution. If you want to buy it, you can find it on their sites or in their shops. In Croatia it costs 30 kunas (about 3.90 Euros/2.88 GBP/4.44 $).

I keep mine in a plastic soap container. It was a bit big for it in the beginning but with few washes that problem was washed away. But then again I agree that it will really last you a long time, I am not sure for how many washes exactly, but I would say many.

You use it either directly on your wet hair or rub it between your wet palms and then apply the product on your wet hair, shampoo it and wash it off. I didn't know what to expect? Is it going to create foam or not at all, will it wash my hair nicely or not, but now I know that it lathers and will nicely clean your hair, almost squeaky clean. My hair is straight and greasy and it wasn't too harsh for it, but if your hair is curly, dry or curly and dry, I think this would make a big mess and leave your hair in knots. The same thing goes for damaged hair. If your hair is damaged, forget about this shampoo.

Its scent is mostly ylang ylang, very subtle, doesn't stay too long on your hair, and if you use a conditioner, you will not be able to smell the shampoo. But if you have a chance to smell it before buying it, that is the best way to know whether you like it or not.

The thing I wasn't crazy about is that this bar is prone to cracking and dividing into smaller pieces. Since it is similar to soap bars they can fall out of your hands when they are wet and you will most certainly end up with at least two new pieces.

But the whole impression is that Ultimate Shine shampoo bar and I have love/hate relationship. When I first tried it I was pleasantly surprised, and the whole shampoo bar concept wasn't strange to me anymore. But...we have our good and bad days. This is a nice shampoo, I like its smell, the lather, the way my hair feels and looks after it, and I would buy it again but not immediately and I really think that this isn't a product for everyone.

List of ingredients:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Perfume, Water (aqua), Ammonium Laureth Sulphate, Elemi Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute, Gardenia Extract, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool.

If you are interested in this or other Lush shampoo bars you can find them in their stores or order them online. A 55 g Ultimate Shine shampoo bar will cost you 62 kunas in Croatia (about 8.06 Euros/5.96 GBP/9.17 $ ). It is not cheap but it does last a long time. I wasn't the best helper with this one, but the whole concept about this product is so different that I really think that having in mind all the things I mentioned as flaws and cons, in the end you have to decide that you will/will not buy it by yourself.

What do you say? Like or Dislike?

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