Monday, 28 January 2013

CERA DI CUPRA BIANCA- for normal and greasy skin

I bought this cream on a sale when I was on a hunt for something more natural and less expensive. When I saw this small bee I immediately thought that that was it. I don't know why, but it seemed more serious and healthier because of that bee?! Does that make sense to you? The next moment it was already in my bag on our way home...


I usually don't use pictures from the internet but since my tube looks like this....

....I ended up breaking my own practice.

I am aware that this is a sad sight but look at it on a bright side- I used up the whole 75 ml tube. It will make its appearance in my "I've been busy section" for January so I decided to write a short post about it.

This is how it is advertised:
It takes care of your skin and protects it with virgin beeswax.
Smog, wind and sun can cause serious damage on your skin so it is crucial to provide enough protection and moisture for your skin. Cera di Cupra white cream deeply nourishes and protects it.

It is available in two versions: Rosa- for dry skin and Bianca- for normal and greasy skin. You can find face soap, makeup wipes, hand cream, body lotion and lip balm from the same line. 
They also suggest to try other products from their lines for mature and young skin. I am putting pictures below.

list of products for mature skin
list of their products for young skin
 As I already said, this cream comes in a large 75 ml tube. I started using mine in July and it lasted me for 5 months. Quite long, I know. First I was using it evenings and mornings, then in September I started using another product in hope that it will tighten my pores but it wasn't moisturizing enough on its own, so after a shorter period of time, I decided to go back to this cream. I used it in the evening.

To make things clear, this is a nourishing cream. It has thick consistency and is very rich. I didn't expect anything. I haven't heard or read about it prior to buying it, but the thickness and richness were surprising to me since it was ment for oily skin. Since I started using it in the middle of summer, you can imagine my surprise...

 It smells like a baby powder, or some kind of cream for baby's butt (and I mean that in a good way, when it is washed), and the texture is also like that- thick. If you don't like the smell of baby powder or cosmetics made for babies, stay away from this one because the smell is strong and it stays on your skin for a while.
The first time I tried it I was stunned, rolled my eyes and thought that I made a mistake and took the one for dry skin but the tube clearly said normal and oily. I had a BIG QUESTION MARK above my head? But I was on a holiday and didn't want to look for an alternative so I went ahead and used it.
To explain the situation... That day was very hot and sunny. I went to the seaside for a longer weekend and stayed in the sun a bit too long. That resulted with me getting a little sunburned (not a lot, but my skin was a bit red), then after a shower my skin felt dry and uncomfortable. I used my Cera di Cupra and immediately I felt relieved. It surprised me but you really do have a feeling that it is doing its thing.

This cream is thick and heavy but it absorbs into the skin surprisingly well. If you put a little too much on your face, just pick up the extra cream with a paper towel or handkerchief.
But with that said, I think that most girls and women with oily skin won't like the consistency of it.

And now you are probably wondering would I buy it again and my answer is- maybe. I liked that it was mild, calming and nourishing for my skin, but it is so thick that it scares me. When you have oily skin it is frightening to use heavy and thick creams. I can't help it...

If you are interested in this cream you can find it in DM for about 27 kunas (2.70 GBP/$5.50/3.30 Euros).

What do you say? Would you try it?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007


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