Friday, 3 May 2013

Aussie, Aussome Volume shampoo and conditioner

I don't know if Aussie products are available in your country, but in Croatia they just arrived in DM stores. I've been reading and hearing a lot about them before, so when they finally came to our market, the verdict was clear- BUY! There are few lines available but I chose the one for adding volume since my hair is long and straight, prone to greasiness.

Aussome Volume shampoo and conditioner were both made with unique formula consisting Australian hops Extract, which leaves your hair with body and fullness from roots to tips. BRING ON THE BIG HAIR!!! Uplift your hair and your spirit!

I haven't trried other lines, but from what I have read, all the products have a strong and longlasting bubble gum scent. These two aren't an exception, either. Since the scent is pretty strong and stays on your hair long after washing it, I suggest to try it out before purchasing. If you don't like the scent, you will hate these products. For me, the scent was too chemical (especially the scent of shampoo, the scent of conditioner is lighter) in the beggining, then I got used to it and liked it more, but now I am done with it. I wash my hair often and it seems that I am smelling it every day which can be too much.

Aussome Volume shampoo has a pinkish-orangy colour and you don't need a lot of it to foam up and wash your hair nicely. It makes your hair squeaky clean but by doing so, it tangles it a lot also. The good side of really clean hair is that your roots will be clean and more lifted. Will you get a Diana Ross volume? NO.

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Aussome Volume conditioner has a light, white texture.You don't need to use a whole lot of it, but the more you use, the easier the combing out will be. Since your hair will be tangled after shampoopng, the small amount of this one could be too little to make your combing out painless, unless you have a detangling brush. I use my Macadamia no tangle brush which helps me with the pain (there isn't any) but my combing out still lasts longer than usual. If you put more conditioner, combing out your hair will be easier, but if your hair tends to be greasy, second day hair will be in an urgent need for a good dry shampoo.

So... Is there enough volume to uplift your hair and spirit??? I am not sure how to answer that?! Yes, your hair will be a bit more uplifted but aussome volume? I don't think so.

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Shampoo comes in a 300 ml bottle and conditioner in a slightly smaller sized 250 ml plastic, travel friendly bottle. Good sizes, I must admit. As I said, in Croatia you can buy them in DM for 49.90 kunas each (8.63 USD/6.58 Euros/5.55 GBP).

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These products are well loved on the internet but I personally have a love and hate relationship with them. There are days when I like them and those other days when I can't stand them! In any case, I was disappointed with the ingredients and wouldn't buy these two particular products again.

What do you say? Have you tried these or some other products from them?

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