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Going natural? Lavera ginkgo and organic grape cleansing face gel and Lavera White tea anti-age eye cream

Last year I was playing around with more natural cosmetics. A lot! So, there was a period when I only used home made natural creams that my friend makes. She is well educated and I liked her creams but I couldn't go completely natural, without all those beautiful bottles that are constantly inviting me to try them. Besides, I am in a constant search of HG products. During that organic time, somewhere at the end of the year I bought two Lavera face products, cleansing gel and eye cream. I found them in Müller at the main square in Zagreb, which has a whole floor of natural products.

Ginkgo and organic grape cleansing gel was an obvious choice because it is ment for combination skin with imperfections.  My skin is combination with oily t zone and large pores, that sometimes has dryness on the top. Also, ever since I discovered Caudalie, I am interested in everything that contains grape.

Lavera claims that this gel will deep clean your skin, which after it stays clean, beautiful and fresh. Ginkgo provides cleanness and freshness and organic grape gives the skin an even look. It should be applied twice a day on moist face and decolletage and lather, after which you should wash it off.

By the lack of the foam, this is definitely a natural and organic product. Its scent is fruity but isn't overpowering, especially when in contact with water. I don't think that many people would mind the scent.

Ginkgo and organic grape gel has a very light almost liquidy texture. It is mostly transparent with a hint of yellow.


I used it in the morning and evening every day as a part of my routine. My skin was clean at first sight, especially from any make-up residue but it didn't deep clean my pores. My usual imperfections were still here. This is not a horrible cleansing gel but it isn't revolutionary, either. A 100 ml tube of this gel costs somewhere around 70 kunas (about 9 Euros/6.50 GBP/10 $), so it isn't cheap but you will have to decide if you want to try it or not. In my opinion it is not good enough, at least for the needs of my skin.

My second choice was an anti-aging eye cream with white tea, karanja oil and hyaluronic acid. It should basically help your skin with anything bad, especially sun damage, and hyaluronic acid will keep the moisture inside of the skin. It is free from silicons, paraffins and mineral oils. With its anti-age effect it should leave your eye area smooth and puffiness free.

It is not heavily scented, you almost can't smell anything probably because it only contains natural aromas.

The texture of this eye cream is very strange.

It is  more hydrating than oily, sinks nicely into the skin which makes it a good pre make-up product. A small 15 ml tube costs around 125 kunas (about 16 Euros/12 GBP/18.25 $).

Its narrow top allows you to get just enough product.

I have been using this eye cream for months now, twice a day. Although the rest of my face is more oily, my eye area always needs a bit more nourishment and hydration. Also, I am in my thirties now so I am battling first signs of aging. I don't have wrinkles but you can see that my fine lines are more visible if my skin doesn't get enough moisture and "food".

This cream is, by the claims of Lavera, best for people between 30-40, so that is me, but I wasn't thrilled with it.

My skin is dryer in my eye area than on the rest of my face but I don't have dry skin. While I was using just this eye cream my skin was getting dry, I even felt straining and my fine lines became more prominent.


Having said that, if this product didn't provide enough care to my eye area which still isn't very demanding, I don't know if it would do anything for someone closer to 40 whose wrinkles are more visible and skin is really dry.  Since I wanted to use this cream up and find the way to make it work for me, I also treated my eye area with oils in the evening. That combo is OK. I would not recommend this cream to anyone and wouldn't buy it again. Ever!

To conclude... The products that I bought were from two different Lavera lines but I wasn't thrilled with any of them.

For now I am not sure if Lavera and I will ever get back together. Gel was better than the eye cream, but I wouldn't advise you to buy any of them.

Have you tried any of Lavera products? Do you have any recommendations?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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