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LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box- February 2015.

Now, after a couple od beauty boxes posts (Lookfantastic- December BB and January BB, Net-a-porter Valentine's Kit), I don't even have to say that I am hooked. Love them and will keep our relationship or fling (I hope not) going... Lookfantastic just adds to my addiction by issuing a new box of beauty products every month. This is what they came up with for February.

I think that you all know the procedure by now, but just in case you were immune to this "trend" until now, I am going to introduce you to this world. You're welcome.

You can pre/order Lookfantastic's Beauty Box every month for 15 GBP (shipping included). Now, they even have a subscription which saves you some money, but I suppose that I want to keep it casual for now because even thinking about the subscription makes me nervous. Don't know why exactly? If you want to play it safe for your wallet, wait to see reviews on that month's box, they usually come out early on YT, but if you want to be sure that the boxes will not sell out, then you can preorder one for yourself. That is what I do and for instance, this month's box was here around 12th of February.

The box itself is white and black with Lookfantastic logo, and you can use it in your household. I use mine for organizing my drawers and closets.

Products are wrapped in grey tissue paper and sealed with a Lookfantastic sticker.

And as always, there is a little booklet with information about products inside the box.

And now to the good stuff. You are getting 6 beauty products.

Let's start with a full size Bellapiere lip pencil in the shade NUDE (no.002). I don't know if everyone got this shade or not, but I am thrilled with it.

Bellapiere is one of the fastest growing mineral make-up company in the world that is using natural ingredients with stunning results. You will pay 17.53 Euros for their lip pencils on the LF site- link.

Another nicely sized product is a 25 ml Morrocanoil bottle (18.42 Euros- link) for all hair types. I am sure that you are all familiar with this product. You can use it for care, shine or health of your hair.

I was thrilled to see a Korres product in this box. A 50 ml Citrus body milk, which is a good size to see if this is something for you or not. Since I am crazy about their Jasmine lip butter (review) but haven't tried their body products, I can't wait to try it. Full size, 200 ml tube of this body milk will cost you 13.70 Euros- link.

Small sized (0.6 oz./17 g) but, according to its reviews, powerful Erno Laszlo's Sea Mud deep cleansing bar is a great adition to the box. With 97% of natural ingredients, this bar exfoliates, cleanses and stimulates. Definitely something for me. For more information you can check this LF link.

Dr. Paw Paw multipurpose soothing balm (10 ml/0.35 fl.oz.) is a first for me. Made from natural ingredients, this balm can be used on lips, skin and hair. I found several versions on LF site and a full sized 25 ml packaging will cost you 9.52 Euros- link

And the last item in February's Beauty Box is MONU Illuminating primer with SPF 15 for all skin types. It smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of imperfections and blemishes to create a lasting radiant glow. Since I have oily skin and this product in its full size version costs 38.29 Euros- link, this is a perfect way for me to try it out and go outside my comfort zone because I normally don't like the word "illuminating" for my skin.

Once again, this was a great box, and a good value for your money. Whether you'll like the products inside is totally up to you and your preferences, but you get a chance to try them out for less. That is why I will keep this whole BB frenzie for now.

What do you say? Are you also infected or not?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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