Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Avon Senses shower gel- Spicy Moroccan Delights

I don't know about you but I am often drawn to Avon Senses products. If heir front pictures look inviting or remind me of a happy memory, I am already writing the product code and sending my order. This one reminded me of my trip so I just had to know how Morocco smells in Avon's version. And the next thing that I can remember is that I ordered a holiday set of two (500 ml and 250 ml) bottles for a really good price, somewhere around 20 kunas (about 2.60 Euros/1.93 GBP/2.93 $).

When they arrived I rushed to take some pictures of them for my blog and just had to add my scarf which I bought in Fes.

I must be fair to Avon and say that although these Senses products initially look inviting for me, that doesn't mean that I don't like what is inside. To be honest, they were all very nice and the only difference of me liking them more or less was a result of their scent. Some were more me, and some were just OK. In this case, I loved the scent of Spicy Moroccan Delights... It is soft and a bit sweet, but not Aquolina Sugar sweet, the scent is more grown up, sophisticated and has some spicy undertones. In contact with water it becomes even more subtle and wonderful. It lingers on my skin but just for a while which I personally enjoy. In my opinion it is perfect for these colder months and I already used up my bigger bottle. Of course, everyone has different taste so I am not sure that you will be as thrilled with it as I am, but I can say that if you like almonds line from L'Occitane, you will probably like this one, too.

Avon changes and rotates their offers of body showers in every new catalogue, and this one unfortunately isn't available in their current Croatian campaign but since it was in the one before this, I am sure that you will get your chance to try it. Nevertheless, I will write the prices of other Senses shower gels in the current catalogue so you can get the idea about their prices. 250 ml bottles cost 11 kunas (about 1.43 Euros/1.06 GBP/1.62 $) and 500 ml bottles vary, there is a line for 17 kunas (about 2.22 Euros/1.64 GBP/2.50 $), and even a jumbo 720 ml size for 32 kunas (about 4.17 Euros/3.09 GBP/4.70 $). You can also buy some from their range in a 2x500 ml pair for 39 kunas (about 5.08 Euros/3.77 GBP/5.73 $).

To conclude, I like this shower gels and would recommend them. They are not drying, you have a good range of scents to choose from, they are reasonably priced and I don't think that you will be disappointed.

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Did you try any of the Avon Senses shower gels? How did you like them? Interested?

Tell me...

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