Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick- Notting Hill Nude (720)

I remember Rimmel as a brand that my mother used when I was little. Then it vanished for some time and after a while, it re-appeared on the market. Well, at least for me.
For the last 2 or 3 years they are growing and offering many products but still, I don't see them often enough in blogs or YouTube community. You probably know about Airy Fairy lipstick which is AMAZING (tell me if you want to see a post about it), and I have also heard many good things about Wake me up foundation but can't say anything about it. Haven't tried it myself.

Recently I bought many items from them on a sale at Cheapsmells and they were all very nice. Among them was this lipstick to which I was drawn because of the name. Notting Hill ( I wish I'll visit one day) and Nude (I can't go wrong with). They still have it for 2.95 GBP plus shipping.

I just love their logo, don't you?

I think that this is one of their old colours but you can find it online. I googled it and there were many places that had it. So, you can probably guess that I like this. I bought it for 1.99 GBP and thought that was a great price, especially when I got it in the mail and tried it. It is in my bag since then. I am not telling you to go and buy it but if you come across this lipstick and find this blog, I hope it will help you (with all the pictures and information) to decide whether it is something for you or not?

This is a no fuss lipstick, great for your handbag because even if you don't have a mirrror, you can apply it with your eyes closed and you won't look like a clown. It moisturises your lips (the company claims "...up to 70 % more hydrated lips") because of the new formula with 3 super moisturisers- collagen, polypeptides and hyaluronic acid. So, I don't want to insult anyone (hey, I wear it, too) but this is a no brainer. It goes with everything.

On the lips it looks very natural and I got many compliments while wearing it. It is shiny but not satiny, if you know what I mean? Like a lip balm but with more colour. The colour is nude, flesh toned nude if you are fair (if you are darker, it will also look perfect because it will add some subtle colour and moisture to the lips- almost like a nude lip gloss). It is not too pink or too brown, and it won't wash you out. It is both pink an brown, I don't know how to describe it perfectly but that is what pictures are for :).

daylight/no flash

daylight with flash

The only thing that is not as great is staying power. You will apply it during the day again and again. That is probably because of the moisture. Then again, for that same reason, you can get away with dry and chopped lips because this one is very forgiving.

What do you say? Which one is your "no brainer" lipstick?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

I am not affiliated with Cheapsmells or Rimmel. I bought this lipstick myself and I mentioned Cheapsmells because I had great experiences with them. The prices are good and customer service even better.


  1. This review was so helpful!
    I too purchased this lipstick in the same shade before coming across this blog.
    I'm awaiting it's arrival as I was unsure how 'nude' it'll be. (Nude is always unpredictable)
    But after seeing this, it's cleared away my worries

    Thanks again!

    1. Oh, I am so glad I could help. This is such a wearable shade and I think that you'll like it. Please, let me know how it looks on you, if you find the time.