Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Hungarian shopping spree (picks from Catrice Candy Shock collection, Maybelline color tattos in Eternal Gold and Mauve Crush, and Artdeco Bronzing Glow Blush)

In my last post I told you that I was travelling a lot. One of the trips was to Hungary. This time I didn't visit Budapest but as soon as I crossed the border, it was clear that Hungarians love beauty products. You are probably wondering why? Well, there were Müller stores everywhere... And I must add that although I love Müller stores in Croatia, I was a bit jelaous when I saw a Hungarian store, because their choices are much wider and they also carry NYX and NYC products (I had so little time that I didn't get anything from them) which aren't easy to find in Croatia. Our Müllers don't carry them. Maybe something to think about?! Unfortunately, my trip was semi-professional so I didn't get to shop and look around as much as I wanted but I did buy some things.

I was mostly attracted to Catrice Candy Shock collection which I haven't seen in Croatia but the reason for that could be my busy working schedule which saved me some money since I had no time or energy to go and buy anything after a long day at work.

I finally found an Artdeco Bronzing Glow Blush that I wanted since it came out but it was always sold out, and some new shades of Maybelline Color Tatoos.

Here are my choices from Catrice Candy shock LE collection.

Unfortunately, there weren't many eyeshadow shades left from this collection. The testers and their swatches were beautiful.... This is the only one that I got- C01 I Scream: Ice Cream. How appropriate?! ;)

I also bought the C01- Vanilla Love highlighter. It seemed so nice and natural.

And two nail products. Nail polish in a beautiful pastel yellow shade- C04 Vanilla Love (yes, I know, they were very creative while choosing names), and small, as they call them, sugar pearls- C01 Cotton Candy.

As I already said, my love, Artdeco Bronzing Glow Blush which I wanted soooo much. And when you look at it, can you blame me?

Followed by my two new Maybelline recruits- Eternal Gold color tatoo (I knew that I'll eventually get it), I think that it is an European version of Bold Gold, and Mauve Crush, which didn't get lots of good reviews but it was such a beautiful mermaid color for me that I just coudn't resist.

My reviews for these newbies are coming.

Do you like something from my "small" haul? Have you tried any of these products? Your thoughts?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

Friday, 9 August 2013

My big comeback in style with Chanel Illusoire cream/powder eyeshadow

Although I am very well known for my long introductions, I am going to skip them in this post. I know, it has been a while since you last heard from me (three months to be exact), but I can just say L I F E. So many things happened (good and bad) that it seems to me that it has been like a year since I last wrote to you. But now I am back with a brand new Chanel post!

I bought this product last winter, somewhere around New Year, tried it, it was OK but I didn't really use it, I immediately thought it was a stunning color, but forgot about it in my drawer, then the summer came and I rediscovered it, so it became a part of my everyday routine. What can I say? The heat and humidity in Croatia are at their maximum, I started to be lazy in the morning, but was also looking tired so I needed a quick but efficient fix, and Illusoire was just that. Quick but beautiful!

It says on the box that this is a cream/powder eyeshadow but in my opinion, this is a creamy, almost moussy eyeshadow but with a good consistency. I never tried Maybeline bouncy blushes but this is how I imagine that they are. I also tried MAC paint pots which are in my opinion much harder  and Maybelline Color Tatoos which are creamier, but both of them are less forgiving, meaning that Chanel allows you to build color in more layers without becoming splotchy... It also says that this is a powder eyeshadow, but only a bit in its finish. And even then, only if you would use a wet technique to apply it.

here it looks more like a powdery product but when you start using it, it definitely is a creamy shadow

All in all, this eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful!!! If you like this color, chances are that it will be almost impossible to resist the tempation of buying it. It is a beautful purple/plumy shade, with a shiny finish and almost glittery but subtle effect, ugh, like the most perfect fairy dust...

artificial light/no flash
with flash

As I said, it is very easy to work with it because it doesn't dry immediately and is very buildable. Because of that you can aplly a thin layer just as a base and it will be wonderful, but you can also wear it on its own, as I do, and it will look like milion dollars! To achieve almost a smoky eye I apply it generously on my whole lid and then make it darkest in my outer V, put some bronzer in my crease, hightlight in the inner corner and on my brow bone, some mascara and voila. I am ready to face the world looking polished in 5 minutes. Oh, I almost forgot, I apply it with my fingers.

It is marketed as a long lasting eyeshadow. When I first applied it, I was very cautious because it seemed like a dark color, so I applied a thin layer, and after about six hours it did crease on my oily lids, but then I started to wear it on its own, the way I described it, applied generaously, and it acted perfectly... It stays on my lids the whole day until I remove it in the evening before going to bed. I remove it with my Bioderma with no problem.

natural light/no flash
natural light with flash
artificial light with flash

These swatches don't even begin to describe the beauty of this shade but different pictures, lighting and angles just show you how versatile and beautiful this color is... A plumy shade with so many different undertones, silver, gold... Absolutely stunning!

the brush is small and very travel friendly
this is how the actual brush looks like
and finally....
Chanel's advice

Since this is Chanel and I haven't tried any other shades, although I LOVE this particular color, I am not going to tell you to go and buy it. If this shade is as beautiful to you as it was to me, I don't think that you'll be disappointed if you decide to buy it. But I don't know if all the shadows from this line are the same quality? So, I can vouch only for this one. You get a 4g/0.14 OZ of product and a small brush (which looks to me like an eyeliner brush-pictures of it above) for 223 kunas in Croatia (about 20GBP/$40/30 Euros). Yeah, a lot but worth every penny....

So, my verdict is- L O V E this one!!!

Love you all, too...;)