Thursday, 5 March 2015

I've been busy.... My Empties from February 2015.

This week was super busy for me so my Empties post is a bit late. I just didn't have enough time and/or energy to finish it before. Then again, better late than never, right? So, Ladies, I am bringing you my Empties from February!

You can see that this past month of February was shorter. :)

It seems to me that I finished up less products than usual, but most of the ones I finished are body care products.

I am always busy with my hair, so I finished up Schauma Push-Up Volume shampoo. Ok, it wasn't full and I decided to finish all the bottles of hair care products that were opened in my bathroom but this one wasn't bad at all.
I also used up Avon's Senses shower gel- Spicy Morrocan Delights. I already wrote about it here, so you can read my full review, but the point is that I really like their Senses shower gels.
I finished up Müller's BodySoul Wellness Lotus and Shea Butter bubble bath, which I got as a present from a friend. She loves this line and wanted me to try it. I also got their hand cream, body scrub and body butter. This bubble bath was very nice, body scrub was too "light" for my taste, I wasn't thrilled with their hand cream but I really liked their body butter.

I used up two different kinds of body lotions, one of which is Balea In Shower body milk for dry skin. I wrote about the original version here. It is amazing and I also mentioned it in my Favourites of 2014.- here.
Avon's Naturals Winterberry & Shea Swirls body lotion is unfortunately also among my empties... Loved it, wrote about it here and I am sad to see it gone... 

Then, there are face skin care products. I used up three of them. Two were really nice and the third one I hated!
Olival is frequently mentioned in my posts. It is a Croatian brand which is aiming to create quality, natural products. Here we have their face scrub and face mask from immortelle line. They were both very nice, I like the mask more but my favourite product from the line is the toner.
On the other hand, there is Gatineau's micelle solution. This 400 ml bottle costs 218 kunas (about 28.43 Euros/20.65 GBP/31.47 $) and that is too much to begin with, but the real minus is that this solution is terrible! I hated it! It stings the eyes (and my eyes aren't very sensitive at all), doesn't remove make-up very well, eye make-up removal is impossible with it and I really tried hard to finish it up.

Since I am always writing about beauty boxes that I love, I have to mention 50 ml bottle of Pure Gold Collagen that came in December Lookfantastic Beauty Box (link). It is a food supplement for beauty within. Can't say much about the product because it should be used through a longer period of time, but I can say that I was afraid to try it. Usually this type of products taste horrible, but this one wasn't that bad. It tastes like apricot juice.

The only make-up product which I used up in February is Maybelline NY Instant Anti-age Eraser liquid foundation. I was going to write a review on it but it seems that it disappeared form our shelves in Croatia.

And the last from the bunch is the White Glo tooth paste. Hated it! No fresh breath, no white teeth... A big NO!

Those were my empties? What did you finish up? Have you tried any of these products?

Tell me..

Love, beautyandbrains007

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