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MURAD Skin Perfecting Lotion- Oil Free

It feels good to write about products that you like… First my Hourglass blush (Radiant Magenta- link) and now one of my favourite skin care products. I mentioned it in my favourites before (here), so there is no point to keep you guessing if I like the product or not?! I really DO!!! You know that I am not very forgiving if a product shows some flaws on my skin. I feel that I owe that to my readers.

Murad was founded by Dr. Herman Murad 25 years ago. He has changed the way world sees skincare through his pioneering research. Murad is the first brand of clinical skincare products which very early addressed the problem of environmental aging (sun, pollution…), as well as a hormonal and genetic aging. Since beauty lovers all around the world love it, it is not breaking news that I like it, too. But this product in particular was really good for my skin.

I have combination skin with oily t-zone and large pores, with sometimes dry surface areas which is starting to deal with first signs of aging. With that in mind, I went to Farmacia (Croatian pharmacy chain) in order to find something good and the man there recommended me Murad's Mattifying lotion. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good enough for me! It did make my skin matte in the morning but only for a short period of time, my "outer shine" showed in all of its glory as usual and I didn't have the feeling that it nourished or hydrated my skin enough. So, I wasn't going to make another Murad purchase that soon. But...when I stumbled upon a great deal on Murad's Oil Free Skin Perfecting lotion on HqHair, where a 50 ml/1.7 fl.oz. tube costed only 18.80 GBP, I knew it was an offer I wouldn't refuse. Its normal price on HqHair is 34 GBP- link. 

This lotion softens and refines skin texture by keeping it smooth and even and by providing essential hydration. For best results it should be used every day after cleansing and toning on the face and neck area.

When I first tried it, I immediately loved it! It was very light in texture, applied easily, was quickly absorbed into the skin but still left me with a great feeling that my skin was well cared for and moisturized. Another thing that I liked about it was its smell. It smells like honey which lead me to believe that it is an organic product, but unfortunately it isn't. It contains parabens which kind of surprised me because Murad really is an amazing company with good reputation and high prices and I expect more from them (to know more about all of its ingredients I am leaving a full list of them on the picture below).

Since 50 ml of product  is a lot more than you usually get from other brands, this lotion will last you a long time. I used mine twice a day and it lasted me for more than three months.

I already told you that it is very light in texture, which in my opinion makes it perfect for spring and summer. It left my face smooth, even and moisturized and acted well during the day on my more oily parts of the face. It is perfect on its own for warmer months but during winter I used it in combination with serums and face oils underneath, which also was great for my skin. If your skin is really oily, you could use just this lotion during winter months, but if you do suffer from any dry parts, I suggest to do the same as me. Use it in combination with some serums or oils underneath for best results! Besides, oils are so popular at the moment and there are so many to choose from, that I really think you will not have a problem finding one for your particular needs.

So my conclusion is that this was a great lotion, good enough to recommend it to you, but when I have in mind its full price of more than 30 GBP and the fact that it doesn't have the best ingredients for this day and age, I don't feel comfortable recommending it without pointing that out.

What about you? What are your Murad favourites?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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