Saturday, 3 January 2015

REVLON JUST BITTEN KISSABLE Balm Stains- crush/darling/honey

These stains have been around for a while, and they pretty much got their 15 minutes of glory in beauty world, but since they are still not available in Croatia and some other parts of Europe, I decided to write this post anyway. Mine were bought in Poland last winter in their Douglas for 50 polish Zloty (about 90 kunas/11.74 Euros/14.26$/9 GBP each), but they reached their full potential (in my book) this autumn and winter because I basically wore them exclusively.

I played it safe and chose three colours that are very wearable in their colour families- a darker red, rosy purple and nude. They aren't cheap but I had to try them.

The 005 shade- CRUSH is a velvety and rich deep red tone, with a bit of a cold, purple undertone.

It is a beautiful and perfect autumn and winter shade, which is dark enough and defies cold winds and snow, but still not so dark that you have to think twice before you put it on. It is very wearable and in my opinion suits a lot of skin tones. I have quite light, almost pale skin tone and it is great for me, but darker complexions would get along with it very well, as well.

Its pencil packaging makes it easy to handle and you shouldn't have many problems while applying it, but it can apply a bit uneven so you must go over your lips a couple of times with it in order to reach a nice and even colour. The thing I am not crazy about is the fact that it lasts only for 2 hours before it starts to fade (of course if you are not eating and/or drinking) and then the colour changes into a lighter, warmer red shade that is almost a bit orangey. Depending on lip pencils underneath and lip glosses on top of it, it can change a lot, like a chameleon, but for me it always looks great. With a good lip pencil it lasts longer. I love it and wore it all the time this past December.

Second one is a rosey purple shade- 010 DARLING. In the packaging it looks more purple and cool toned, when swatched on hands more like a pink, and on the lips it is cool and a bit purple again, with an almost metallic shine. Honestly, it is a very wearable all year around shade.

I like it a lot, and out of these three shades that I have, this changes the least on the lips by wear. It is a no brainer shade that is safe enough and could almost be called a nude. Almost.

And my last choice was a super wearable shade that anyone could go for. Excellent for both day and night, every season, a compliment catcher- 001 HONEY. This nude/flesh tone shade is probably in everyone's comfort zone, and although it seems predictable in the packaging, it is actually very pigmented and more dark and out there than it seems. My lips but better shade. It goes well with so many lip pencils and lip glosses, and if you put a plain lip balm underneath it will be shinier and less pigmented in colour, but still very nice on the lips. Great for young girls or more mature women who want to look youthful, cared for and subtle.

All of these come in a plastic 2.7g/0.095 oz  pencil like packaging. The pencil turns and that is how you control the amount of product you want to have out.
They all have minty feeling and scent, and remind me of plumping lip products, although they don't claim to do that, and they really aren't, but they do have a cooling effect.
They aren't marketed as pigmented lipsticks, more like sheer balms but they offer more than a decent pigmentation for those of us who like wearing all kinds of colours on our lips, but in a safe zone. They are also quite soft.

All three shades have this balmy, a bit shiny finish but not like you have a gloss on top. I can't say that they nourish the lips but they don't dry them out, either. It seems to me that they are very friendly to slight imperfections. My lips aren't really dry or chapped thanks to my Lush bubble gum lip scrub (review here) and Korres Jasmine lip butter (review here), but if they become a bit dry, these help. conclude. I like these a lot and I am sorry that we don't have them here.These are from their permanent Colorburst line. They also come in a shiny and matte variation which I would love to try...and if I ever come accross them, I'll definitely try them out.

What about you? Have you tried them? Any other recommendation for these "pencil like" products?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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