Sunday, 18 January 2015

LUSH Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar

I am continuing my reviews of Lush Christmas products which are still on 50% sale in Croatia, until stocks last. It is Christmas Hedgehog's turn today.

A small and cute white and light blue hedgehog, with crystals and little stars on its back, and a light pink little nose. In my opinion, a very cute hedgehog... <3

This is a bubble bar although when I first took it into my hands I thought it could be something more like a bath oil because it is very rich and oily in texture. That is because this bubble bar is full of cocoa butter and has lots of essential oils in it. Its smell is divine which in my opinion comes from ylang ylang that it contains. I pretty much love the products with ylang ylang in them, because they always smell beautiful to me. If you are also that way, I think that you can't go wrong with this one, and warning for those who are not crazy about this scent because it fills the room. It is not overpowering but you can definitely smell it. Its scent reminds me the most of Christmas Eve bubble bar that I also reviewed here and couldn't say enough good about it.

You already know the procedure. Take a bubble bar or a piece of it and crumble it under running water. Then let your tub fill with water and enjoy rich foam.

This hedgehog didn't seem as big as Holly Golightly bubble bar, that I already reviewed here, so I took the whole bar for one bath. Also, this hedgehog is so cute that I didn't have the heart to cut it in half. But had the heart to crumble it whole :).

it is white inside

And now a little about its action!

Immediately you can tell that this bubble bath reacts quickly and foams up a lot.

Even while still developing it is very luxurious.

And the end result is a mountain of rich foam which makes your bath experience really something else and almost a spa like. The water is very soft from all the oils in this bubble bar and your skin will not be dry at all after soaking in the tub. Having said that, I think that body milk or lotion is always a good and happy end after spending some time in warm water. Your skin will be ready to soak in much more nourishment and moisture after your pores have opened a lot more.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric acid, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Theobroma cacao, Lauryl Betaine, corn flour, organic shea butter- Butyrospermum parkii butter, Perfume, lavender oil-Lavandula angustifolia, Rosa damascena, ylang ylang oil (Cananga odorata), brazilian orange oil, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Laureth 4, *geraniol (*Geraniol), *farnezol (*Farnesol), *benzil-salicilat (*Benzyl Salicylate), *benzil-benzoat (*Benzyl Benzoate), *limonen (*Limonene), *linalol (*Linalool), Colour 42090, polietilentereftalat, blue sparkling pearls, Geopearl crystal glittering rainbow, Sprayfilm, white eatable stars
     natural ingredients      safe synthetic ingredients

And this is how Lush describes it:
If you are feeling that holiday rush, enjoy this softening bubble bath filled with nourishing cocoa butter and calming and soothing volatile oils. Crumble it under running water and stretch yourself in silky water while rose and ylang ylang oils melt away your stress and bad mood.

This 100 g hedgehog bubble bar is still available in Croatian Lush stores and costs 17,50 kunas now (about 2.29 Euros/1.78 GBP/2.70 $), 50% less than its full price before - 35 kunas (about 4.57 Euros/3.56GBP/5.40 $).

Have you tried it? Interested?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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