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Today I am going to write a post about a brand that I am curious to see if you tried or even heard for. The name is Kozmetika Afrodita. It is a cosmetic company based in Slovenia which is actually very good. It offers drugstore products available for us at home, and salon exclusive products for professional care (I know that they are also sold in Germany and UK).

This one is only going to be about their T-zone mattifying serum .

I bought this serum and used it as a face cream (day and night) for over a month. Yes, I know, it is not a face cream it is a serum, but it worked well. It immediately attracted my attention when I saw that it is mattifying (I so need that) and when I saw that it is also Paraben and Parrafin free (well done!), I decided to give it a try. It was on clearance in Kozmo (our national drugstore, if you visit Croatia you should check it out), reduced 30% from 59 kunas for 30 ml of product (about 6 GBP,  $11, 8 Euros minus 30%). If you visit it, go there on Wednesday, because, every Wednesday one group of products is on clearance for 30%. So, that can be face products, lotions, anything. Just ask someone who works there what their special offer for Wednesday is? Back to my original post.I got this one for a good deal. I wanted to buy other products from the Oil Control line but unfortunately many people had the same idea, so I only found this serum. There are also a cream and a mask in this line- LINK! This link is in Croatian, they have several languages to choose from but it seemed that this line isn't available anywhere else but in this region. If that is not the case, please let me know.

The company claims:
T-zone mattifying serum for solving the problems of oily skin areas works at 3 levels:
- reduces sebum secretion, refreshes and mattifies the complexion
- moisturises the skin + protects it from dryness
- regulates the balance of oils and moisture in the skin

Its non-comedogenic formula reduces pore blocking, has a mild antibacterial effect and is proven to reduce the development of acne and subccutaneous blackheads. It balances the skin, making it beautiful and clean, without an oily shine. It provides care and reduces the first signs of aging.

I agree with most of the claims. This is a nice product for a very reasonable price. Especially as a serum. I like it because I have oily skin but I am not a teenager anymore, and I feel that it takes care both of my oily skin but it also helps hydrating it to prevent aging.
It has a weird scent. Not offensive, but it smells like herbal tea with lemon. It is mattifying, you can apply your makeup almost immediately after it but it won't act as a primer. Your skin will be mattified but not for long. I can't be sure if my opinion would be different if I tried it in winter. I am sure that this product would show better results then. Current temperatures are crazy in Croatia, I think that even people with normal or dry skin are oily. So, for someone with oily skin to begin with, it is a tough job for a product to deal with.
It definitely hydrates the skin without leaving oily residue and I must admit that I had no break outs and my pores weren't blocked.
I will try the rest of the line.
Just for reference, this is a 30 ml product that I have been using day and night for more than a month, and I still have it. One pump will be enough for the whole face.
I know that this is a serum but I used it as a cream because I wanted some hydratation (which this product provided) but I wanted as little as possible on my face because of the heat. It is working great.

I am not telling you  to go out and buy it. But this is a very nice product. It is mattifying but it is not long lasting, at least not at this temperatures. It made me intersted in this line and I will probably try their other products, especially face mask. I am also very happy to see more and more companies offering us paraben free products. Don't get me wrong. I am not educated enough to claim anything pro or contra parabens, I have many products that contain them but it is great to see that companies are looking for other options.

This product does all three things that it promises but don't expect miracles. It will not stop your skin from being oily but it will calm it down and provide hydration. Some of the products ment for oily skin can be too drying for the rest of your face but this is not one of those products.

It is good, nicely priced, it will effect your skin through time but it will not completely solve your skin getting oily throughout the day. You will still have to deal with the shine.

What do you say? Interested? Have you got any recommendations?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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