Wednesday, 4 July 2012

China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy (and what a fantasy it is....)

 If you are following me for a while you already know and if you just found my blog, you should know that I am a neon nail polish freak this year. Probably as half of the globe?!

This polish is my favorite neon besides Color Club Lava Lamp (click for link). It seems that polishes more on the coraly/orangey side suit my skin tone better. It is a pink neon but more on the warm side with coraly undertones. I LOVE IT!!!

I had this polish on two weeks ago when I went to a long weekend at the sea with my family and let me just tell you that it was noticed. Perhaps, that is an understatement since my brother told me and I qoute: "When I saw you in the water it looked like you had a ping pong ball in your hands and that was your polish?!" He was laughing, not crazy about neon trend but I loved it so much that I really didn't care. I was swimming quite far from the shore and he was sitting on the beach. It was quite a distance. The only thing that worries me right now is that I hope that no sharks will be around the Adriatic coast because I will be the first thing on the menu?!
My boyfriend told me that it looks great while I was driving because it complimented my salmon coloured shirt that I had on, and with my white watch.... Ugh... I won't lie. I was checking myself out, too ;)!

great brush as always, easy to manage

I don't want to bother you with any more random details but I wanted to confirm that this is an eye catching polish so that is something to keep in mind. For some reason, this is perfect for my skin so it looks trendy but not insane enough so that you couldn't wear it to work. I would. Maybe it's the heat, maybe summer but this one is a keeper for me.

I had it both on my feet and my hands and it held up and looked beautifuly. It didn't chip a bit. Since I am like a mermaid at the beach (never leaving the water), I can really say that with confidence.

So, staying power:10+!

It is a matte polish that looks nice on its own but I added my Seche Vite top coat and it looked even better, shiny and polished. The only downside is that you will need several coats before it gets opaque enough.

three coats + seche vite top coat

I bought it on ebay for $7.50 (shipping included). Original price was $3.99 but shipping to Croatia was anoother $3.50. And honestly, that is a reasonable shipping from USA to Croatia, I think. It contains 14 ml or 0.5 fl.oz of product.

What do you say? Who do you agree with? My brother or Mr. Right?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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