Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Balea cellulite meersalz peeling (Balea sea salt oil peeling)

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This is going to be a summery post in turquoise...

 I admit. The colour alone had me at the store. I was looking for a body scrub and this one screamed "SUMMER?!" to me. It was in a nice jar, the colour was amazing and it seemed that it was rough enough... I like body scrubs with actual particles of anything in them. Otherwise, I don't have that new, fresh skin feeling.
I didn't even notice that it is suppose to help with cellulite. That is not why I bought it. It is not that I don't have cellulite but I made peace with myself and finally excepted the fact that I am a woman with all the imperfections that make me a woman. It is not like I am happy to have it but I know that no cream or cosmetic product alone will get rid of it. You probably have a question mark above your head :). I hope you understood what I wanted to say...

before 1st usage, mixed together

This is a very nice scrub. It is packed with oil when you first open it. I wasn't too fond of that. The more you use it, the less oily it is. It doesn't become dry, but the oil sinks into the product. I like it much more, now. If you just bought it and haven't used it yet, I don't recommend to take it with you on a holiday. Even when sealed, the oil will find a way to get all over your suitcase. That didn't happen to me but when I brought it home from the store, I noticed that the jar was oily and it was still sealed. Since I liked this product, I planned to buy a new jar at the seaside but now that isn't necessary because mine is well blended.

just to show you how loved it is :)

after a while, it becomes less oily and well blended

This scrub is recommended for all skin types. It is rough, but if you massage it into your skin,  all the ingredients melt together and sink into it. The skin feels wonderful after you rinse it off. I wasn't crazy about the oil part but more and more people like it as an ingredient of body scrubs. So, I understand why they did it. Your skin feels nourished even if you don't apply  lotion at the end. I always do. So, oils in scrubs are not a must for me. To me, that clean feeling is the most important. Although, this is an amazing product to prepare your skin for self tanning products. It will remove dead skin and nourish it for a more natural result.

The company claims (this is a DM brand product):
It purifies the skin, leaving it velvety soft. It contains caffein (which encourages skin metabolism) and sea salt gentle enough for all skin types. It both cleanses and nourishes the skin, increases its firmness and smoothness by removing all impurities and dead skin cells.
Use it couple of times a week for best results. Shake well before first usage.

Ok. I agree with everything. Except... Unless you want to remove stains from your wardrobe, don't shake it. Open it and lightly mix everything together with your hand.
 You should apply it to wet skin, massage it well into the skin, in circular motions and then rinse off. As I mentioned earlier, it is not well blended at first so you need to mix it all together (rigid part with oil).

I mustn't forget the smell. It is wonderful, light, summery, spa like smell. And it stays on your skin for a while. Not as long as I would like, but it is there in even more subtle and perfect version. It is the scent of a well-cared, clean, beautiful woman. Wow, I even got myself more interested in this product ;). Well, I like it.

So, my verdict is that this is a nice product! I really can't say that it did or didn't do anything to my cellulite. That wasn't my reason for trying it. But I assume that since it is a nice scrub, it will help any other product (cream or gel) to sink in better. So, if you use an anti cellulite product after it, it might work better.
I like the particles in it (they are not particles as for instance smashed almonds, it is sea salt that melts into the skin when you massage it, leaving it clean and nourished). I give it thumbs up.

Thumbs down for packaging which is cute but doesn't tame the oil when you first get it. Also, if you buy it to fight cellulite, I don't think this one would help you much. So that is something to keep in mind.

The jar contains 300 g of product and costs 32,90 kunas in my country ($7, 3.29 GBP, 4+ Euros) but when I looked for international pricing online, I saw that it is less expensive in Germany. There it costs about 3 Euros. You will get a lot of uses out of this one. It can be purchased in DM stores.

I like it and would buy it again. I think that says something.

What do you say? Like it? At least the colour :)? Tried it? Tempted?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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