Monday, 6 June 2016

What I loved in May (My Favourites..)

It is a special feeling for someone like me to write about last month's Favourites on time. ;) :D So, Ladies, enjoy this feeling with me and keep reading if you are interested!

Well, you all know by now that I am unpredictable with my blog. I am either blogging, taking photos and making big plans or pretending that I don't have a blog?! Not really. But you know what I wanted to say... Hopefully. In all that mess, there are always a few products that are tough enough to appear in my Favourites and today I'll start with a really good one - Balea Cream-oil body lotion Marula with almond oil. 

This lotion is meant  for dry/fussy skin, which mine this spring really is. So, I grabbed the 200 ml tube in DM just to try it out, especially since its price is so budget friendly (about 15 kunas-1.58 GBP/2 Euros/2.27 $). 

It has a bit sweet scent which is not my favourite, but it is OK and doesn't bother me. Since last month I mentioned Body Shop body butters in my Favourites, and those aren't easily available for us in Croatia, I wanted to mention this gem from DM which is available in all DM stores, performs heavenly and is so unexpensive. Fantastic product!

Its ingredients are also quite good, the lotion itself is light but extremely nourishing (even for tough areas like dry elbows) and you should really try it! Because of the fact that this post is about my Favourites and not about this lotion I will stop here.

My next two Favourites are makeup items. First one is also a drugstore find, my Essence Lash Princess Mascara which I tried for the first time. I am bipolar with beauty products, so, I either splurge like a Swedish princess (does she really?) or act like a school girl on a strict budget (which I am clearly not). In that kind of mood, I wasn't feeling spendy so I decided to try a 28 kunas (about 2.94 GBP/3.80 Euros/4.24$) mascara. I know that some girls write that these cheap Essence mascaras make their lashes fall out more but, thankfully, I didn't experience that. To me it is great! It has a rich black colour that provides both length and volume. It is a bit wet when new but with time it becomes better and stays that way until the end, three months period that I use a mascara. I received so many compliments when wearing it and it seemed that people were both surprised and disappointed when I told them which brand it is and how cheap it was?! No prejudices, please.

My other makeup Favourite is from Illamasqua. It is a Powder Blusher bronzer in the shade Spite, which I am not sure if it is still available?! I use it to warm up my face and contour and it works great! 

Although I bought it aproximetely three years ago, it was forgotten in my drawer until now. I discovered much later just how good it is for my lighter skin tone. It blends nicely, doesn't look orange or cakey, and has a matte finish with a sheen, meaning that it looks very natural. It is also very long lasting, even on oily skin like mine during summer months.

The last Favourite was already mentioned in this category, because it is my all time favourite perfume - Noa Cacharel. Its scent hugs my skin perfectly and is equally beautiful in all seasons! It made me learn that I like scents which contain ylang ylang, never gave me a headache, and it really is THE ONE for me. I use it all the time and this month it will have special appearances both in my Favourites and in my Empties. A 100 ml bottle is finished but no worries, I already have a new one opened. ;)

Which were your May Favourites? Did we love the same things?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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