Wednesday, 15 June 2016

TESTER BOX - June 2016.

TESTER BOX is a Croatian version of surprise monthly beauty boxes. This one for June is the first that I ordered although Tester Box is on the market for a few months now. If you follow me on more regular basis, you already know that I am quite a beauty box gal (here, here, here and here...), so it was natural for me to try one created in my own country.

Ordering this box is a bit different than usual. The number of Tester Boxes for each month is limited, so in order to get yours, you have to order it a month earlier. You can order your box from 15th to the end of the month for the next month, but only until stocks last. So, it is not unusual that you can't order your Tester Box on for instance 17th, and you do manage to order it, you will get your box on the 15th of the next month. I ordered my June Tester Box on 15th of May and it arrived today on 15th of June. If you would like to buy Tester box for July, today is the time to order it. 

You can pay for it with credit card or through your bank account in which case you have to send them proof of payment, in the three following days after your order. If you don't do that, you will not get your box. The Tester Box will cost you 100 kn (shipping included, about 13.27 Euros/10.50 GBP/15$), but if you really want to make sure that you will not miss any box, you can opt for subscriptions, 6 months subscription will cost you 500 kn (about 66.37 Euros/52.50 GBP/74.53$), and 12 months subscription will cost you 1000 kn (about 132.73 Euros/105 GBP/149$).  When buying your Tester Box you can either buy it as a guest or as a registered customer, which I would recommend. Then you will create your account and fill out forms which will make sure that products in the box are best suited for your skin type or skin tone. In one of the previous boxes people got foundation, so it is advisable to answer questions about yourself. Tester Box will come to you in a black parcel and the box itself is always designed differently.

This month's design was created by ELFS (Croatian designer brand). When you open the box, everything is wrapped in black tissue paper, sealed with Tester sticker and wrapped with a ribbon.

You will also get a note which will tell you more about the products inside, including prices for the full-size packaging.

Every Tester Box will assure you at least 5 exclusive beauty products and if you get travel sizes they often come in pair as one.

For instance, June's Tester Box houses two Nivea travel size products: The Nivea Volume Care hairspray and The Nivea Volume Care shampoo, each in a travel size 50 ml version. Since I love the look of voluminous hair, I am glad that I'll have a chance to try them out! If you decide to buy full-size versions, 250 ml hairspray will cost you 27.90 kn (about 3.72 Euros/3 GBP/4.17$), and a 250 ml shampoo will cost you 21.90 kn (about 3 Euros/2.31 GBP/3.28$).

We have another pair but in a full-size version, this time manufactured by Fa. I was more happy to see The Fa Coconut Milk & Coconut Water shower gel because it reminds me of summer and I like coconut inspired summer scents (250 ml bottle will cost you 15.90 kn: about 2 Euros/1.68 GBP/2.38$), than The Fa Dry Protect Cotton Mist & Linen Touch roll-on because I love my Nivea one, and because this isn't a scent that I would personally choose. But I will most definitely try it out and let you know what I think about it. This 50 ml roll-on costs 19.90 kn (about 2.65 Euros/2 GBP/3$).

Next product didn't really wowed me at first. I received The Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Face and Body cream which is supposed to be perfect for everything, even as a primer, but usually I don't really go for all purpose creams and will most likely use this as a body lotion. If you would like to try it yourself, this 150 ml pot will cost you 22.90 kn (about 3 Euros/2.42 GBP/3.43$).

The only really small-sized product in this box is a little bag of The Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream. Again an all purpose product?! Not a fan but it is highly talked about in the beauty community so trying it out for myself without paying 289 kn (about 38 Euros/30 GBP/43$) for a 115 ml pot is fine by me.

I was quite content when I saw The Diva! Make up blender/sponge for foundation and contour. I am really interested to see how it will perform. If you are interested, too, you can buy one for 29.90 kn (about 4 Euros/3.15 GBP/4.47$).

And certainly my favourite product from this Tester Box is The L'Oreal Paris Miss Hippie Volume mascara. In my opinion this mascara saves the whole appearance of June's Tester Box as far value for money is concerned. I haven't noticed it yet but I am always in the mood for testing and finding new mascaras. This 8.4 ml tube retails for 69.90 kn (about 9 Euros/7 GBP/10$).

And lastly, my impressions... As I already said, this box will cost you 100 kn which doesn't seem much because the value of the full-size products inside of it is more than 150 kn. Would all of these products be your first choice? Probably no. But that is what makes these boxes interesting, if you are into them, and that is what makes them a big NO, if you only want to get your favourite choices. To each their own!

On the other hand, most of us who will buy these boxes are beauty lovers who know exactly when and where to buy what for better prices, so, odds are that we are not paying full prices for these items to begin with. Yes, travel sizes products also add value and these two Nivea hair care products are really nice in my opinion. What I wasn't thrilled about is the fact that on this little booklet that you get, there is one other product mentioned  Morrocanoil treatment Classic/Light which didn't come in my box. Maybe it is an optional product or only a certain number of people will get it but I was a bit disappointed that it didn't come in my box.

In the end, I liked this box, it could have been better, especially judging by other, previous Tester Boxes that I read about, but I ordered a new special summer edition one for July as well.

So, what do you think about Tester Box? Would you buy one?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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  1. The box looks so cute. Bummer that you didn't get the oil treatment. Happy Friday, girl.

    1. Yes, it is cute but later I found out that some of us got make-up sponge and some the oil. Now I am happy with the sponge ;) :)