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You probably already know a lot about this product because it is HUGE in the beauty world for quite some time now, but I wanted to write about it nevertheless... Since it is a high end product with an equally high end price tag, and I thought it was only a version of expensive termal water in a bottle, I wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't heard so many raves about it.

Caudalie claims that this product was inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s elixir of youth, this powerful plant based anti-dull complexion treatment smooths away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion a real boost of radiance. A Caudalie cult product favoured by make-up artists, beauty addicts and celebrities, the elixir also works wonderfully to help set make-up. They suggest to shake it well before use and avoid the eyes while spraying it onto your face. It is also supposed to be great as an anti-dull complexion treatment for smokers and is an ideal after-shave spritz for men. As stated before, it can be used as a toner before applying your face cream, as a make-up setting spray, or to freshen up your face at any time of the day. It contains Grape Extracts for a glowing complexion, Rosemary Essential Oil, soothing Orange Blossom and Rose Extracts, Benzoin (which helps to regenerate the skin) and astringent Organic Mint.

I don't know if you tried anything from this brand, but to be honest, anything that I tried from them, I was thrilled with! Caudalie is against animal testing which is a huge plus for me, they also strive to make as natural products as they can, also a plus, which means that this product doesn't contain parabens. I think that you can already guess my verdict?!
As I already said, the price is quite high. Beauty Elixir comes in a glass 30 ml and 100 ml spray bottles. In Croatia you can find Caudalie products at pharmacies that carry beauty products and you will pay 100 kunas (about 11 GBP, 17$, 13 Euros) for a 30 ml bottle, and of course a 100 ml bottle is more expensive, and will cost you almost 300 kunas (about 32 GBP, 53$, 39 Euros), unless you find it on sale. But you can also buy this product on the internet, like HqHair. I suggest to subscribe to their emails to get it while it is reduced, and shipping is free.

This prodct is really like an elixir... I use it twice a day (mornings and evenings) before my moisturizer and love it! You will see a huge difference if you apply it in the morning because it will almost instantly wake your skin up, making it more radiant and reducing your pores. This almost poreless effect will lessen during the day but it will still be visible. The thing that surprised me about this product is the fact that it has a very strong and distinctive scent. The scent is 100% natural but you can smell the alcohol in it. I suppose I expected a soft smell of grapes or orange blossom, but the scent is more a rosemary and mint scent with an alcohol undertone... At first I was horrified thinking that I hate this product, then I left it in the back of my cabinet and it formed a film on the top (probably from all the essential oils in it). That was also weird for me, but when I started using it regularly that didn't happen. Also, keep your eyes closed while spraying it, because although it has a magical effect on your skin, the oils and mint will be bad for your eyes.

And in the end, after completely "undressing" this product, telling you all the thoughts I had about it- good and bad, I admit: I LOVE IT!!! All the minuses that I mentioned are minor because you get used to them, and your skin will be thankful. But I do recommend to try this product out before buying it, or just buy a smaller sized bottle to test it first.

Have you tried any of the Caudalie products? What do you think about them?

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