Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Balea In shower body milk (Balea Dusch-Bodymilk)

Do you ever hate being such a beauty junkie? Like, when you come home in the evening from your last dog walk, counting the hours (minutes) that you have until another day comes, probably very early in the morning? Well, this should help!

Balea In shower body milk offers a quick fix to all who occasionally/always skip nourishing their skin after a long bath or just a short shower. Application is very simple. Take a normal shower, soap your body, rinse it off and then apply this product. I often leave it on while brushing out my hair. In the end just dry your skin with a towel and you are done. Don't worry, it washes off nicely even if you get some on your hair.

This product is meant for dry skin and it contains shea butter and macadamia oil, and I think we will all agree, those are good ingredients. It comes in a 400 ml plastic bottle, turned upside down, which means that you will use almost everything inside of it. It has a very handy shape which allows you to use it fuss free while in the shower. It shouldn't be falling out from your hands. Its texture is very rich and creamy and although it can seem that it will be impossible to wash it off, you will be surprised how easy it disappears, leaving your skin soft and smooth. And since it is a Balea product, you can find it in all DM stores (400 ml botlle costs 23 kunas- 3 Euros, 2.47 GBP, 4.12 $). I almost forgot the scent... Well it is mildly sented, a bit like a baby product.

But to give my whole impression of this product I want to compare it to Nivea In shower body lotion for dry (blue bottle) and normal (white bottle) skin. I tried both of them an didn't really like them (I like the blue bottle a little bit better). The texture of both of them was much lighter and they didn't really do anything for me. By morning, I was back to being a desert person. There is also a significant price difference, because 400 ml bottle of Nivea will cost you double the price of Balea. So, when you take everything in consideration, nourishment, effect and the price... Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner: BALEA!

So, in conclusion. My body skin is normal to dry (in the winter). This product is very handy during my lazy days and it will do its job, but I don't suggest to only use this product, especially if you have very dry skin. Having said that, I think that it would be an awesome summer product since it does the job and doesn't leave oily residue. If you are into these kind of products, try it out. It is not bad and the price is very reasonable.

Have you tried any of these in shower body lotions? How did you like them?

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Love, beautyandbrains007