Monday, 17 March 2014

NARS- Pierre Hardy Sharplines nail polishes

For someone who wears nail polishes all the time, it has been a loooong time since my last nail post. I know that spring is already knocking on our doors and , very soon, I'll probably be all over pastels and neons, but I decided to do a post about a duo that I have been wearing a lot during autumn and winter.

This duo was a part of the Pierre Hardy collection for NARS. There are lots of combinations, but I decided to buy this one because of the deep red colour in it. Fabulous!!! All duos come in a white cardboard boxes in 15 ml/0.5 fl.oz. glass bottles with rubbery tops which are made from the same material as NARS makeup cases. The ones that show every fingerprint.

For some reason, you also get a small dust bag?!

These two are my first NARS nail polishes, but you can still find this and other duos from the collection at HqHair. There is a choice of six duos. Their price is 22 GBP. You can always find a coupon code and get them for less. I had a 20% off coupon.

In this set, Sharplines, there are two completely different shades, orange and a red one. The orange one is a bit of a pumpkin lighter shade, and the red one is a beautiful, deep burgundy shade that almost looks black.

sharplines left

We'll start with the orange one. Not a bad shade to wear at all. It is a perfect autumn shade, especially around Thanksgiving, but since it changes a lot, depending on the light and angle of looking, you can pretty much wear it all year round.

As a part of Sharplines duo, it dosen't have a particular name or number, it is just called Sharplines left, and the red one is Sharplines right.

two coats, no top coat, daylight, with flash
two coats, daylight, no flash

When applied, it has an amazing shiny finish and it will not need a top coat to add some shine. But, it has a very thick and creamy consistency, so when you apply necessary two coats to get full opacity, it will take more than 20 minutes for this nail polish to dry. I paint my nails before going to bed, and hate imprints, so I usually used Seche Vite on top, just to dry it faster, and it worked. 2 or 3 minutes later, I could sleep like a baby, not worrying about the look of my nails. As I said, you will need at least two coats, because one is just too uneven and streaky.

two coats, no top coat, direct sun

For the purposes of this post, I tested out both of these on their own, without a top coat, and must say that this one is very long lasting. It was great looking for 3 days on my nails, and I'm pretty rough on them and remove nail polish as soon as it gets the smallest chip.

sharplines right

But, in my opinion, most people will buy this set for this deep red colour.

This one also has a creamy formula but not as "thick" as the orange one. It is interesting that although it is not as creamy as the orange, you could get away with just one coat. I prefer two, for more opaque and dramatic look.

two coats, no top coat, direct sun

It also has a shiny finish and you don't need a top coat for that. But, since it is on a creamier side, it also takes some time to dry, about 15 minutes. It is not as long lasting but will be good for two days. That is OK since it is such a deep colour which can and will show every sign of wear.

two coats, no top coat, day- in the shadow

To me, this is a perfect deep red shade, which I proudly wore all winter. So many people asked me about this one!!! Everyone thought that it was beautiful!


So, not bad NARS! Good quality nail polishes and if you think that they are not durable enough, let me explain. I paint my nails like I am going to have a lead role in Princess's diaries, but I am rough to them like G.I. Jane! ;)

I almost forgot. These nail polishes have thinner brushes but they do its job. I've made a picture of one compared to my nail so you can see better what I mean.

All the pictures in this post are with two coats of nail polish, without a top coat.

One minus is the price. Having said that, it is NARS! Everything from them is on the higher end.

What do you say? How do you like them? Have you got any recommendations?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007


  1. predivne nijanse obožavam NARS

    1. Slažem se s obje tvrdnje! ;)

      Moram priznati da me kvaliteta Narsovih lakova jako pozitivno iznenadila.