Sunday, 16 March 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Ever since Lisa Eldridge first mentioned Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution as her HG make-up removing product that she buys in France, everyone got micelle water obsessed. Including me, of course. In Croatia, Bioderma is easy accessible and although its price is on the higher end of the scale, it is refreshing to have a product on hand, not worrying about shipping costs. Since I started using micellar waters to remove my make-up with, I used up liters of several versions of Bioderma, and deciliters of Vichy and Eveline versions. So, when I noticed this bottle at the drugstore (I bought mine in DM) and for a drugstore price, I knew that it was something I had to try!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water comes in a 400 ml, transparent, plastic bottle with pink accents.

It is ment for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and it is also mild enough to use it on your eyes or lips. It should remove make-up, cleanse and sooth the skin, and you don't have to rinse it off. It is also stated that it has no perfume, and I really can't smell any.

Garnier claims:
A super efficient and gentle way to cleanse, remove makeup, soothe the feel of skin and hydrate in just one step – it’s not magic, it’s Garnier Micellar!
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water contains micelles which act like magnets, gently lifting away makeup and impurities from the skin, without the need to rub or rinse. The result?
Beautifully cleansed and refreshed feeling skin in an instant. The formula is suitable for the face, eye area and lips, has no perfume and comes in a generous 400ml size.
How to Use 
Apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe your face, eye area and lips. No rinsing required.

As I already mentioned, it comes in a solid, plastic 400 ml bottle and here you can buy it anywhere (DM, Kozmo, Müller...) at a price of 39.90 kn (about 5.22 Euros/4.37 GBP/7.25 $). If you compare that with a full price 500 ml Bioderma Sensibio bottle, it is much cheaper, but if you compare it with a 1 liter Bioderma ABC-derm bottle which you bought on sale (20% off is quite frequent here) or for a full price, than it is a win on Bioderma's side.

My impressions are great!!! For me this product is more efficient than ABC-Derm when removing my UD eye pencils. The same thing is with my mascara, although I must say that since my Dior Diorshow waterproof mascara fiasco, I 'don't wear waterproof mascaras anymore. My method of removing eye make-up stayed the same. I take cotton pad, put micellar water on it and then place it on my eye, hold it there for about 30 seconds, and then with soft pressure remove everything. No rubbing!!! I don't need any premature wrinkles or lines. I always use 2 or 3 cotton pads for that, no matter which micellar water I'm dealing with at that time.


And for my face make-up, I don't stop at the micellar water, no matter the brand. I like my face to be completely clean, especially before going to bed, so I always wash it with water. Just to be safe.

In my opinion, this is a good competitor for Bioderma. I won't stop buying Bioderma Sensibio (which is my favourite), but I will occasionally treat myself with Garnier's version, too.

Have you tried this product? Any thoughts?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007


  1. i tried loreal, but i dont like it :(

    1. I didn't try L'Oreal's version, but this is one is really good :)