Sunday, 9 March 2014

I've been busy- February 2014. empties

February was short but sweet. I didn't use up a huge amount of products but a few things are completely empty. Well, since I am a person who likes to finish the products that I own, unless they are bad for my skin, hair..., it is not like these are my holy grail products but since I actually finished them, I think that I can really say how they worked for me. And here they are.

not a bad sight...

I finished three body care products. Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo and conditioner for oily hair- with clay and lemon extracts, and Lush- Melting Marshmallow Moment, luxury bath melt.

Since Garnier duo had its five minutes of glory here on my blog, I'll be short. Didn't really like them, but if you want to know more, you can read about them- HERE.

Same thing with Lush MMM. Nice thing, totally unnecessary but I liked it. We all need a bit of spoiling and decadence, sometimes.... My post about it- HERE.

But I finished two products which were very important steps in my face routine. Bioderma micelle solution and Eucerin enzymatic wash lotion.

I'll start with Bioderma- ABC Derm, good enough for babbies, children and adults. Ultra-mild cleanser for bottom, face and eyes. I mean, look at it! It is huge!!! Comes in a 1l plastic bottle with a pump at the top, which I personally liked. Since its ingredients were basically the same as in Sensibio version, I decided to try it out. It doesn't contain soap. Because of its size and volume, it is a much cheaper version of Sensibio. You will not be in need for a new bottle for a long time. 1l bottle, when on clearance costs around 70 kunas (9.13 Euros, 7.57 GBP, 12.68$).

ABC-Derm ingredients

It has a different scent than Sensibio, soft baby product scent, but it removes makeup slightly less than the original Sensibio version. So, it is your choice. Value for money-better, size- better, performance- slightly lesser performance.

Eucerin pH5 enzymatic wash lotion is a good product. I got it as a gift with purchase when I bought another product. It comes in a 200 ml plastic bottle and costs around 80 kunas (10.43 Euros, 8.65 GBP, 14.50). It is made for sensitive skin and can be used both as a body and a face wash. Don't be fooled by its name. Although it is called a lotion, it has a gel like consistency, and I used it as a face wash.
Since it is made for sensitive skin, it can be used daily (avoids skin irritation, protects the skin from drying out and doesn't contain alkaline soaps). It is not harsh to the skin (mine is oily) but I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin.

Eucerin wash lotion ingredients

It has a slight scent, not beautiful but not offensive. Perhaps somewhat medical.

There is also a makeup item. I used up a MAKE UP FOREVER MAT VELVET + liquid foundation. I had it in two colors- 30 and 40. Earlier this year in January, I finished the lighter version, and now this darker one, since my skin had its summer tan. I was at a tropical location. Memories....
It is a great foundation for people with oily skin and if it was available in Croatia I would buy it instantly, but since I have to order it online, it will be on hold for now. In the future, when I get it again, and I will buy it again, I will write a post about it, because this foundation definitely deserves it.

I didn't really publish any nails related posts but I've been wearing nail polishes on a daily bases. And I have this empty product to proove this claim.

Aveo nail polish remover ingredients

My Aveo (Müller brand) berry nail polish remover without acetone and containg nourishing oils. It has a strong berry scent, so if you are not into berries, stay away from this one. It does a good job and I would buy it again. Good price. A 125 ml plastic bottle will cost you 5.50 kunas (about 0.72 Euros, 0.59 GBP, 1$).

And in the end a perfume... This is one of my favorite perfumes- Noa Cacharel. Since I am not very good at describing them, I'm leaving a link for you to read more about it, but I would say that it is a very soft, feminine and beautiful scent that I always have to have in my collection.

That was all for my empties... How busy were you?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007


  1. skupilo se i kod tebe praznih proizvoda ali redom svi odlični!