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GOODBYE PORES!!! Review and comparison of Garnier 5sec Pefect Blur and Dr. Brandt Pores No More Refiner for oily/combintion skin

I love skincare, and that is the reason why you can often read about it on my blog. But I also love my make-up to look its best, so products like these are pretty much essential for me.
I have combination skin with oily t-zone and larger pores in that area, which can become dry on its top layer or really oily in the summer. Since I love the feel and look of flawless skin, primers, especially ones that promise poreless appearance, have been in my routine for some time now.

I have tried and still am trying many of them... There is a huge variety to choose from, both from the drugstores or from high end brands, so, today I have decided to write about two similar but at the same time very different primers, starting from their price tags. One of them is probably the most talked about drugstore product of this kind in Croatia- GARNIER 5sec PERFECT BLUR and the other one was introduced to most of us through Lisa Eldridge- DR. BRANDT PORES NO MORE REFINER for oily/combination skin.

Garnier's version is a more affordable alternative which can be found everywhere. In Croatia you can buy it in DM, Kozmo, Müller...for 79,90 kunas (about 10.67 Euros/7.75 GBP/12 $), which often offer discounts so you can buy it even cheaper.

At first glance most girls and women will reach for it in the shop, since it comes in a very girly hot pink box. The product itself comes in a lighter pink 30 ml/1 fl.oz. tube with narrow top, that will help you to take the perfect amount of product for your needs and taste. You really don't need a lot for one usage so in my opinion and from my experience, this tube will last you at least three months with daily use.

Garnier claims that it is "a smoothing and perfecting primer with optical effect. 5sec Perfect Blur takes 5 seconds to apply and improves the look of your skin immediately. Its innovative formula diffuses light in all directions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, open pores and uneven skin tone. In addition, its velvety texture leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth, soft, matte and feels comfortable to wear all day long... Its ultra-smooth texture also works perfectly as a base for make-up. "

This primer is lightly scented but the scent doesn't linger so it is not really worth mentioning... The colour of it is light pink and the texture is a kind of whipped cream but lighter (it has a silicone base), although it has a bit of an oily finish on the skin. It doesn't look very oily, the skin looks velvety but the feel of it is a bit oily and tiny bit heavy.

In my experience, this is a really nice base that will help your skin look and feel velvety and flawless, and will most definitely disguise your pores, which is the main reason most women will reach for it. But, at the same time, that very light but present greasy feel will make some really oily skin women hate it, while for that same reason women with normal or drier skin with pronounced pores will love it!

I didn't have a problem with it, because I used it in colder months when I was experiencing drier patches on my face and it was perfect! When I felt it was too greasy I just added some powder and it was great again. As a primer it does makes a difference in overall appearance of your skin and is a good base for makeu-up, which will help it last longer.

list of ingredients

As I already said, I don't think that this is the best mattifying product  (the shine will be there in two hours for sure), but the pores, fine lines and wrinkles will appear much less prominent. The affect will last for about three hours, or longer if your skin isn't on the oilier side, but if you reapply powder you will again have a very nice finish.

DR.  BRANDT PORES NO MORE REFINER is similar but also very different...

This is how Dr. Brandt describes it :
"A cult favorite, pores no more pore refiner primer is Dr. Brandt’s quick fix for flawless, photo-ready skin. It is the miracle base to create the perfect skin canvas for long-lasting makeup and well-preserved skin. This velvety formula absorbs excess oil, minimizes pores, blurs fine lines and is resistant to sweat and humidity. Prime, touch-up and treat while perfecting your makeup.

  • minimizes the appearance of pores by diffusing light
  • blurs imperfections & lines
  • erases shine & mattifies skin
  • absorbs oil, reduces shine and helps regulate sebum production
  • antibacterial action for a healthy skin
  • acts as a shield to prevent make-up from clogging pores"

It also comes in a grey plastic 30 ml/1 fl.oz. tube of product, with a pump on top. One pump is enough for the whole face.

But there's a big difference in these two, and that is the price! This little tube costs around 350-405 kunas (about 54 Euros/39 GBP/60$) and can be found in Müller and Farmacia. I bought it in a small apothecary store that was closing for 50% less, so I got a great deal on it!

list of ingredients

It is also silicone based therefore leaves your skin velvety smooth and soft, and it really minimizes all the imperfections, which means that you have a perfect canvas for the rest of your face make-up. The skin looks nicer the whole day and your foundation will look good much longer than without it.

I can only guess, what these "samples" remind you of?! ;) :D

Its texture is similar to Garnier but much lighter, without that greasy feeling in the end. The colour is tan, more natural and will slightly show up on people with fair skin, like me. Not in a way that it will leave a tint but it somehow evens out my complexion.

Although Garnier promises a matte finish, Dr. Brandt is the one that really delivers it! When applied, it dries quickly and really absorbs oils. For people with oily or combination skin this will be a revelation and I think they will find their new bestie. On the other hand, if you have dry skin or dry patches, I would say "stay away from this"! Since it really mattifies the face and absorbs the oils, for people with dry skin that could lead to the "desert effect". You know, when soil dries out so much that you can see cracks in it?! Maybe, not that obvious but close...

left side Garnier/right side Dr. Brandt

We cleared that out! Dr. Brandt refiner makes your skin look even, poreless and matte, but that initial flawless effect comes with an expiration date. It will last up to four hours and after that you will slightly start to see shine on your t-zone, if your skin is on the oilier side. If your skin is on the drier side, this refiner could last on you much longer.

But there's a good thing. Since this base is so light and airy, you can reapply it during the day on your face and on top of your make-up which will only make it look more fresh and better, without a feeling of caked face. In my opinion, because of its oily components, Garnier wouldn't work that well for the same purpose.

And in the end, I must say a thing or two about its scent. It has a stronger scent than Garnier, and to me it is a mixture of herbs and chemistry. Not the best thing ever but it doesn't linger on the skin, so even if you don't like it, but you love the effect of the refiner, you should be able to use it.

Personally, I didn't notice that any of these products had a bad effect on my pores, meaning, I don't think that they clogged them. To go even further, Dr. Brandt even claims that the refiner works as a shield on your skin and stops your pores from getting clogged.
Also, none of these products made my skin react badly. They didn't cause me any redness, inflammations or break outs.

The big question is... Would I buy these again???

Dr. Brandt refiner is an amazing find for people with oily/combination skin and large pores. It will be a great choice for any special occasions in your life, like wedding day. Eventhough it is not the most long lasting product, it has an amazing ability to perk up make-up when reapplied on top of it during the day. Its price is spicy, to say the least, but I would buy it again! You need something impeccable for not always perfect everyday! Especially because it lasts only six months after opening.

Garnier (lasts 18 months from opening) is great aswell but because of its slightly greasy finish will not be as perfect for oily skin. On the other hand, that makes it so much better for dry skin. If you have dry skin or dry patches, stay away from Dr. Brandt's Pore refiner for oily/combination skin!!!

And in the end, it is up to you to decide whether you will splurge or choose a much affordable but not a bad alternative. My advice to you would be to get a tester first for anything with such a high price tag. You just never know how your skin will react to a product?! Garnier's version isn't bad, it will not damage your wallet as much and there's a good chance that one your friends already have it, so you can ask them to try it out. :)

So.... What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? How did you like them? Would you try them?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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