Sunday, 9 December 2012

November empties

 I don't know why but these empties posts and videos are one of my favourites. Maybe because of all the hauling that we watch and do ourselves? But I know that I was really surprised to see just a few items in my November empties bag. Just to clear that out a little bit. I am keeping all the cases from my cosmetic products (both makeup and body care) because I recycle. So, I know how much I really use up. And this month there aren't really a lot of things to show you, which is kind of funny since this is the first month I decided to write a post about it. Well, that's the way life goes, I guess?!

I've decided to divide them in categories. So, in the first category are cleansers.

Balea mild face gel with lotus flower got its own review which you can read here, so I won't write tons about it. It really is a mild gel for normal and mixed skin which I enjoyed. I didn't buy a new tube because I had one waiting for its turn but I would buy this again. It didn't make my skin dry but it did its job and the price of it is very wallet friendly.

Balea Young Soft&Care Face Toner for mixed skin was both in my bathroom and in my empties bag a lot of times. It is a good product for young skin fighting with acnes and hormones. I've came to realization that although I feel young in heart ( and yes Mom I know that you're rolling your eyes right now) my skin has changed and doesn't want products with so much alcohol in them, or it needs a different formulation or something, but despite of my really oily areas products like this can be drying for the top layer of my skin, now. That is probably enhanced by the winter season when it is cold outside and warm inside. In any case, I will say goodbye to this product at least until spring.

After cleaning your skin you should always put a moisturiser on it. I've used up just an eye cream this month. Eveline Bio-Energizing Eye Cream (with magic of the orchyd). This cream also has its own post which you can read here. It was an OK product for me but I don't think it would be a good choice for mature skin. It is not nourishing enough. I wasn't aware of that until I started using my Arden capsules. So, NO, I wouldn't buy this eye cream again.

For makeup items, I have only one- Essence I Love Extreme Mascara. I love this mascara and have gone through many tubes of it. I would buy it again (I did in the past) and would recommend it if you want full lashes. I must say that I have read and heard mixed reviews for this mascara. It is like there is no middle with this one. People either love it or hate it... Some say that their lashes were falling out because of it but I, of course, didn't experience that. I love it!

And the last item is hair related. It is Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo. It is my HG dry shampoo for now. I loved the volume that it gave me and it really made my hair looking clean and fresh. I tried several dry shampoos and this one was THE BEST!!! But....always a but, I am on a hunt for another amazing dry shampoo with a non irritating smell. I hated the smell of this one but loved what it did for my hair. Ugh, I really am so complicated?! And I almost forgot, if you are interested in this product you can read my review- here.

Those are my empties.

What do you think about these posts? Yay or nay....?!

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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