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I haven't written a new post in my Love Lush section for ages and since I recently wrote a post about a Lush haul I figured that it was about time to review one of them.

I've searched for it on Lush sites but couldn't find it. Today I decided to look for it in Lush stores and apparently it is discontinued but since you can still find it in some stores, I decided to publish this post.

It was a present and when I got it, I was convinced that this was a bubble bath (bar) because of the shape. I know that bath bombs come in all shapes and sizes but I guess this reminded me of another Lush product- Comforter so I've put it in the same category. If this was a bubble bath, I would be writting a law against it, but since it is a bath bomb I am more forgiving. I don't expect much from them. To me taking a bath should be a sensual and rich experience which is completely impossible without any bubbles or foam involved. Bath bombs tend to colour the water and usually it stops there.

To show you what is going on inside of the bomb, I cut it. You can use this piece for one or two baths.

I haven't noticed that immediately but this bomb has small glitter inside of it. I noticed that in the water. The small amount of foam which developed (a really small amount) was shiny and glittery.

the glitter is more visible with flash
If you'll see it in the store it will be, very likely; calling your name. It is pink, whirly and girly, smells wonderful and what is there not to like?

And the answer to that question is THE PRICE. I am not sure how much it costs because it was a gift but I think that it is somewhere around 35 and 45 kunas for a piece (about 3.50-4.50 GBP, 5-6 Euros, $7-8). That is a lot for one or two baths. And if you like bubble baths then it is even more disappointing.

This is how Lush describes it: 
If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be Cleopatra rising from a milk bath, then this is the ballistic for you! When you drop this whirl into the bath, a smooth and creamy froth pours forth from the centre, bringing with it a milky scent laden with berries. Use on days when you want a creamy indulgence but don’t want to top up on calories.

- a combination of tapioca flour and soya milk gives lovely creamy-textured water and a smooth feel to your skin
-  Simon was keen not to do just any old cliched strawberry scent, instead he has layered everything he has to create a creamy rich base with multiple berry notes over the top
- tonka, cocoa absolute, almond essential oil and buchu combine to make a grown up indulgent scent, somehow managing to conjure up that moment of excitement when, as a child, the music of the ice-cream van drifted down the street

So, in my opinion it is not a real shame that Mrs. Whippy is retired. It was just too expensive for the lack of everything. If I was in a store, any store and wanted to try some kind of bubble bath, and salesman or woman would offer me to buy a small sample for one application at the price of Mrs. Whippy, I would never buy it! But when in Lush, my brain just changes somehow and I buy all of these pretty and expensive products. Does that happen to anyone else?

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, soya milk powder, tapioca flour, perfume, cream of tartar, sugar, sodium laureth sulfate, cocoa absolute, tonka absolute, almond essential oil, buchu oil, titanium dioxide, cocamide DEA, lauryl betaine, coumarin, eugenol, limonene, methyl ionone, colour 14700, colour 17200, colour 45410 
This time my Love Lush section wasn't that much about love?! Better luck next time!

Do you like Lush? Which products would you recommend?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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