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WET N WILD Petal Pusher

You probably think: "What's up with this girl? It is 2012!" is. But, in my defense, we don't have Wet n Wild in Croatia. For the rest of Europe, I don't know. Anyways, I have been hearing so much about this brand, especially eyeshadows that I just had to try and see for myself what all the hype is about.
Secondly, I also have a blog for my Croatian readers and I am trying to post the same posts (in English and in Croatian) simultaneously on both of my blogs. If you can speak Croatian, here is the link .
And this is how the story goes...

I found this palette on ebay and purchased it, along with the Comfort Zone. Blue had me at hello was a bit too blue for me. I already have blues in my collection and I don't use them often enough to buy this one. On the other hand, I just purchased Sigma limited edition Paris Palette (with lots of blue shades in it) and I think that I jumped on that wagon too fast. I didn't receive it, yet, so can't really form my opinion at this time, but... Like Scarlet'Hara would say: "I will deal with that, tomorrow!".  This post is only going to be about Petal Pusher. Comfort Zone will be reviewed later. I need to play with it a bit more.

I am always surprised to hear how affordable products in the USA are. And this one is no exceptipon. 5$ for 8 highly pigmented eyeshadows. Insane! And they also have all the coupons and sales... I can understand why their makeup collections are so big. :) A bit jelaous...

Here is the palette!

There are 8 nicely sized eyeshadows in this palette. This one is great for green eyes because the colours are purples, plums and maroons. They have imprints in each colour which is great if you are a beginner but play with it just because it is so fun! I tried all the looks like they suggest and they were great but so were the ones I came up with myself. There are also suggestions (at the back) for 4 looks: Sweet/Flirty/Dramatic/Wild.  The packaging is drugstore, simple, plastic but not cheap. My palette fell as I was writing this post and everything was fine. I didn't break the lid or shattered my eyeshadows.

And the big question... Are they really that good? YES!!! I was surprised to see soo much pigmentation in a drugstore brand. The price is amazing if you live in the States, if you don't it is acceptable. There is not a matte shade in this one, they are all shiny. Two shades from the top left side seem matte in the palette but when applied they have some shimmer. They are all pigmented. Some of them even crazy pigmented. You must be very careful with dark shades. I've heard that there can be some fall out but I didn't experience that. I used my Sigma brushes to apply them, and I always tap off the excess eyeshadow (doesn't matter which brand I use). The brush that comes in this palette is awful!!! It is a double sided brush and applicator. Zero quality. It is much easier and nicer to use your fingers if you don't have brushes but skip this one. The only thing I recommend is to soften the look with a neutral bronzy or light brown shade above the crease. That is just a suggestion. You don't have to do that.

Left - a nice pinkish shimmery colour, a bit chalky, not as pigmented as the rest of them
Right - nice and pigmented, soft and creamy pink with purple shimmer
Left - nice pigmentation, shimmery pink with some gold in it
Right - chalky, had some fall out while swatching but didn't experience that on my eyes, nicely pigmented, shiny purple colour with fine golden glitter
Left - purple shimmery shade, highly pigmented
Right - highly pigmented, rich colour that looks more on the purple side in the pan but when applied it is like chocolate with coppery fine glitter
Left - less pigmented and lighter than the one above it, shiny purple with purple and silver glitter
Right - crazy pigmented dark grey, almost black with silver glitter (BEAUTIFUL!)

My swatches don't show their beauty enough. They are much prettier on the eyes. Although some of them are glittery, you don't have to worry about your face being glittery. I didn't experience that at all.
Also, all the swatches were done without any primer. That shows how pretty these colours are on their own. They stay on very well during the day.
I love this one, understand the hype and would recommend it especially if you are in the States.

I am also posting a picture so you can see the ingredients if you are interested in that.

What do you say? Do you like them? Do you have this palette? Any other palette from Wet n Wild? Would you recommend them?

Have a nice weekend!

Love, beautyandbrains007

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