Saturday, 19 May 2012

COLOR CLUB- LAVA LAMP nail polish (neon)

This spring is all about neons! I like the trend but mostly on my feet. That's right-feet. Fortunately, my boyfriend convinced me that nobody want's to see feet on the internet so you will see how it looks on my hands. My nails are a bit longer (due to professionally done french manicure) at the moment, I would shorten them if I wore this polish but you will get the picture.

natural light/no flash

 The colour is in between orange and red, a bit neon but so AMAZING... The brush is just the right size. It can deal with small and odd pinkie toes (belive me).

no flash/daylight

 It has a kind of matte finish, as almost all neon polishes do, but not as matte as China Glaze's neon polishes. It is not streaky, one coat will not be enough but two coats are perfect (I did a third one just to show you how it looks ).

one coat with flash

one coat/no flash/daylight

I am quite fair but this polish wasn't too much for me and as I get more tan, it will look even better.

two coats with flash
two coats/natural light/no flash

I bought my 15 ml/0.5 fl.oz. bottle on ebay for 3.25$ plus very reasonable shipping from USA to Croatia (6$ total).

three coats with flash
three coats/natural light/no flash
How do you like this one? Any recommendations?

Love, beautyandbrains007

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