Sunday, 21 June 2015

I've been busy... My Empties from May 2015.

In my opinion, I really was busy last month. Besides skincare and bodycare which are always in my Empties posts, in May I also went through some make-up items. You'll see below just how good/bad I did. All of the Empties are marked pink and if some of them have their review, it is marked blue.

I divided them into categories and we are starting with skincare.

It seems that some skincare products are regular among my empties, which means that I consistently use and love them. Olival's toner with immortelle and DM cotton pads certainly are from that category. I love them, always have them in my stash and would recommend them! They show you how quality products don't always have to come with a high price tag. If you get an opportunity, you should definitely try them. Another great product from the drugstores is most definitely Garnier micellar cleansing water. One of the best of its kind at the drugstores and certainly a good contestant among similar products from high-end brands. If you would like to know more about it, I wrote a review which you can read here.
The only new product that I tried and went through in May was a tester of La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluid. I have another tube like this but don't think that they will be enough for me to form an opinion about it. Did I hate it? No. Did I like it enough to go out and buy it? Again- no.

We are changing categories now and moving on to haircare.
I finished Head&Shoulders shampoo which is a staple in my bathroom. I haven't had dandruff in years and in my opinion I have Head & Shoulders to thank for that. I wash my hair once a week with it and that seems to keep my scalp clear. Although I don't have a favourite kind or scent among them, it turns out that I most often buy this Citrus Fresh version. One thing is sure. You will see more of those in my future empties.
The other product from this category is Organix Biotin&Collagen conditioner. This wasn't my first bottle of it, in fact I am currently also using it. It smells very soft, leaves my skin shiny, soft and nourished, helps with combing out my hair while washing it and I really like it. I have a shampoo from the same line which is good but the conditioner is much better!

For my bodycare, it looks like I have been faithfull to products that I mentioned a lot of times before as my favourites.

It is no wonder then that there are two bottles of Balea In Shower body milks, dry skin version (apricot bottle) and normal skin version (blue bottle- review). They are both great but I like the dry skin version a little better.

Another dear product to me was Avon's Senses Spicy Moroccan Delights shower gel .... Since I visited Morocco, I love everything that reminds me of it and its mystic and magic... This shower gel has its own review, so if you want to know more about it, click here. But, if you like soft, a bit sweet and spicy smells, I think you will love this.

I also finished Biobaza Silk Cream hand concentrate. Biobaza has some great and often natural products. I love their cream that comes in a huge 700 ml pot, but this hand concentrate just isn't as good. In my opinion this should be something similar to Neutrogena concentrate, but the problem is that except for the silicone feeling that I have on my hands after applying it, I didn't notice that my hands were nourished. I finished it but wouldn't buy it again.

The last from this category is Lactacyd intimate washing lotion for women. I mentioned it before in my favourites so my opinion is clear. A great product!

Probably everyone's favourites to see... Make-up empties!

Ok. I admit. Some of them had to be here because they expired, like MAC paint pot in the shade Let's Skate which was a part of their Christmas limited edition one year (if I remember it right) and Maybelline Color Tatoo eyeshadow in the shade Pink Gold. I didn't use them up completely, but they were much loved. I think that you all tried a version of them and know just how good they are!

You can also see a very much used up eyeliner pencil, Charlotte Tilbury Classic Powder Eyeliner Pencil in the shade Audrey. I think that the picture says it all. I used it up. Completely. It was good but I wouldn't buy it again, for reasons that I stated in my review here.

And to finish with, we have a whole face perfecting trio: primer, liquid foundation and makeup finishing spray.

Garnier's 5sec Perfect Blur base/ primer has its review so I won't go into details about it, but if you are on the market for a good pore erasing primer from the drugstores, you should definitely check this one out.
I went through a whole bottle of Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3in1 liquid foundation but I didn't write a word about it. I thought about doing that but honestly I didn't know how I feel about it. It should be a miracle worker, with this 3in1 idea, but I didn't see any miracles as far as my face was concerned. With all the options on the market today, I don't see myself buying another bottle of this one.
We are finally at the end of my empties post and I will finish it with Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finishing spray. How appropriate. I went through countless bottles of Skindinavia's finishing sprays and the Bridal kind is my favourite. It is a great option for days when you get a little bit carried away with powder. A few sprays of this one will stop you from having a cake effect face. You can reapply it during the day or night for freshening up yourself or your make-up, it helps with longevity of make-up and is in general a great product which I recommend. I will most definitely buy it again.

Those were my empties? What do you think? How busy was I? What were yours?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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  1. I ti si puno potrošila. :)
    Meni je ovaj MF puder jako dobar, još jedan dokaz kako ne paše svima isto.

    1. Hvala ti na ohrabrenju.... Ispalo je malo više jer dugo ne potrošiš ništa i onda odjednom trebaš obnoviti pola stvari.
      Puder... Puno cura ga hvali, meni nije bio loš, ali ni WOW... Tražim dalje!

  2. Bila si vrijedna nema šta, a posebno je lijepo vidjeti potrošenu dekorativu :D Olival tonik obožavam i po meni je to najbolji tonik koji se kod nas može kupiti. Balea in shower također volim, plavi nisam probala, a ovaj rozeni mi je ok, dok mi je žuti s vanilijom favorit, ali je nažalost LE :/

    1. Trudila sam se... ;) Meni je isto Olival tonik odličan, zapravo, cijela mi je ta linija sa smiljem stvarno dobra! Mislim da bi svatko mogao naći nešto za sebe.
      Baleina mlijeka za tuširanje su mi čudo! Znam za tvoju vaniliju, kupila sam je (na tvoju preporuku), ali još nije stigla na red. Bez obzira što je LE, ja ih još puno viđam... Tako da se nadam da se nećete tako skoro prestati družiti, a možda skuže da su im to mrak proizvodi i da trebaju stalno biti u ponudi!