Friday, 30 January 2015

Myvitamins Vitamin C dissolvable tablets

Today it is a rainy day in Croatia... Holiday season is over and I am pretty much waiting for the spring to come. But, since there are quite a few days of winter ahead of us taking vitamin c or any other vitamins is a good idea. I would love to be fluless this winter, so getting a pack of these in my January Lookfantastic beauty box (review here, and December BB- here) was a good reminder to take a better care of my health.

Myvitamins offer a big selection of vitamins and other food supplements to improve your health. They claim to sell premium vitamins for affordable prices.

list of ingredients

By the claims of the brand they improve the overall state of your body and health in general, and that is why fitness trainers love them. They also taste great!

suitable for adults and children over 12 years

In this one packaging you get 20 dissolvable tablets. You add one tablet in a 200 ml of water and that is enough vitamin C for the daily needs of your body.

Mine are raspberry flavoured and they don't taste bad but I wouldn't say that they are like a yummy juice.

I am almost done with mine but I love that they've reminded me to take vitamins daily. I can't really say that my health is much better than before taking them because I don't have any proof of that but I am certain that this extra dose of vitamin C did good to me.

Although I received them in my LF beauty box I couldn't find these on their site. Then I visited myvitamins web site and saw that these packagings of 20 vitamins cost 4.49 GBP, and you have many to choose from (link). If you are interested there is a coupon code with 30% discount to buy anything from the myvitamins site and I think that it is valid only in January, so hurry if you are interested (the code is JAN30).

And although I can't say that I'll buy these particular vitamins again I am very happy that they reminded me to take some.

What about you? Do you take your vitamins?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

I am not affiliated with Lookfantastic or myvitamins in any way.

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