Monday, 26 January 2015

AVON Planet Spa Fantastically Firming Neck & Chest Serum with Colombian Coffee Extract

WOW! That is one big title for a 50 ml bottle of serum. The bottle is brown and made out of plastic, light, travel friendly and has a pump on top. One pump is more than enough for the whole neck and chest area (meaning decolletage).

The serum itself has quite light and thin texture, although it is not completely watery, and has no colour. The smell of it is very light and doesn't linger, but you can smell a mixture of fruit and chemistry ;). I apply it only in the evening on clean skin and then follow it with a cream.

I bought this bottle of serum last year during some kind of sale, and before writing this review I looked up in Avon's current catalogue (campaign 2/2015) and found it reduced from 97 kunas (about 12.63 Euros/9.46 GBP/14$) to 69 kunas (about 8.99 Euros/6.73 GBP/10$), which in my opinion should be the full price for this product and what it offers. Although I like it, I wouldn't pay the usual and full price of 97 kunas for it. This whole firming line with coffee extract has two more products available: body scrub and body butter, and this is how Avon describes them:"Even after the first application you will already see the difference in your skin. It will look firmer and more radiant. USAGE for the serum: Apply the serum on your neck and decolletage area gently massaging them, 2-3 times a week."

Let's be honest. I am in my early thirties and really can't complain about the firmness or wrinkles on my neck and decolletage area, but since these areas are the most exposed and sometimes forgotten during spring and summer months, the skin can suffer from all the weather conditions, especially overexposure to the sun. That it is why I chose to provide a bit more TLC to that area and for me this serum probably kept my skin looking more radiant, cared for and firm.

If you are into all natural products, skip it. I am no expert on ingredients but can read parabens when I see them, which this serum contains.

In my opinion, this serum isn't bad at all for my skin but I am not sure if it would really make a big difference for mature skin?! I apply it regularly, like it and will use it up, but I wouldn't say that it has a HG status and that you just need it in your life. If anyone with more mature skin tried it, please write a comment on how you liked it and how it performed? Together we are smarter! ;)

Is this something for you? Have you tried it? Perhaps something else from Avon's Planet Spa line? Do you like their Planet Spa face masks?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

I am not affiliated with Avon in any way, I bought this product with my own money and this is my honest opinion.

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