Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I've been busy....(my finished products for January 2013).

The month of January was very productive for me as you will see. My bag with used up products is filled with lots of little and big containers. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. I don't discriminate them :).

I divided them into groups by brand and their purpose.

and there are many
I'll start with Macadamia.

I recently published my post about Macadamia products that I have and tried - here.
And the products that are in my "finished" bag are Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo for dry or damaged hair. I wasn't impressed with this one and wouldn't recommend it, but let me explain two bottles of it. I ordered this shampoo on cheapsmells and when it came it was slightly opened so most of the product got spilled. I contacted them and told them about it, and immediately they sent me a new one (on their expense), no questions asked. That was a wonderful experience and I appreciate it!
The second product from the line was Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse- daily conditioning for all hair types. This wasn't a favorite of mine, either. It wasn't horrible but I expected more, especially for the price. I wouldn't buy this shampoo or conditioner again.
And the last product was Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. This was a whole different story. I love this mask and would buy it again. In fact, I already bought a new pot. You can have your opinion on these products because of the fact that they are called Macadamia but Macadamia isn't their only and main ingredient, but the fact is that this is a good product!

just wanted to prove that they are empty
 Next are DM products. I am always amazed how good some of them work for the price.

Balea- Trend it up dry shampoo. I will not go into details because it is going to get its own review. I am all into dry shampoos right now and am making a list of best and worse that I have tried. I will just say that you don't have to run to DM yet ;).
Balea dry shampoo (the blue one) that I reviewed- here- was one of them. I didn't like it and wouldn't buy it again.
Balea toner with lotus extract for normal and combination skin also got its review. I liked it a lot and would buy it again. It cleansed well, wasn't too agressive for my skin, it is easy to find and wallet friendly. I do recommend it.
I also tried Balea anti-age face mask. I was feeling a bit dry, well my skin was, so I decided to go with a more nourishing anti-age face mask. I will review it because I am in a process of testing out several masks from Balea.
And the last DM product is Ebelin nail polish remover with flower scent which is made to remove even dark and glittery polishes. It works surprisingly well, I even use it for removing shellac with a little help of cotton pads and aluminum foil. They repackaged it but they still have it. I would buy it again and recommend it.

And then there is Lush. Both of the papers are from Lush- Christmas eve bubble bars. I love that bubble bath! It is my favorite from all of their bubble baths. I have many of them in stock since I bought them like there was no tomorrow during the 50% off sale. You can't find it in stock, anymore, but it will be available next year. It is a part of their Christmas line every year and to make the wait a little more bearable, you can read my review on it- here.

I've added the Avon- Winter rose bubble bath to this group. It was a limited edition for Christmas but they usually have it in their later catalouges until they sell it all out. This wasn't anything new or breathtaking but, in my opinion, it was the best bubble bath from their Christmas line this year. If you are interested in the ingredients, scent or my overall opinion, you can read it here.

Among products for face and body care are Elizabeth Arden, Ceramide Eyes Time Complex Capsules. I already wrote about them but to summed it up, I LOVE THEM! They are nourishing, don't leave a greasy residue on the eyes even though they have an oily consistency. I will take a break after I use up my third container, only because I love to change up products, but they will definitely find their way back to me.
Cera di Cupra- bianca cream for normal and greasy skin is another product that I used for a long period of time. It has its review so I will not go in depth but it is an interesting product. It does help your skin to stay nourished and healthy but it has a very thick consistency so I am not sure how would girls with greasy skin like it.
Then, after a long time I tried a product that reminded me of my childhood. It comes in a small pot/container which I don't usually like but I've gone through this one so fast that I don't think any germs heard about that small container. I loved it!!! It doesn't contain parabens, it makes skin smooth and soft like a baby's skin, and did I say already that I love it? And if you are still wondering what I am talking about- NIVEA SOFT cream. It is an all in one cream for face, body and hands. I used it on my body and hands only and it did wonders.
And the last product from this group is Positively ageless rejuvenating serum from Aveeno.I wanted to try something from Aveeno because so many girls talk about it. I found a good deal on cheapsmells and went for it. I am going to write a separate post about it.

I almost forgot L'oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub. I wrote about it a couple of months ago and it is done now. Hm? This isn't a bad product but it is not a must have either...I like the concept with this rubbery brush, it cleans nicely but wasn't blown away by it. I wouldn't buy it again. And just a small advice, every now and then clean the rubbery brush with alcohol. This is a lot od product and it will last you a long time so to avoid unwanted pimples, keep it clean.

And in the last group are makeup products. To be exact, two mascaras and a lip gloss. Maybelline One by One mascara which is one of my favorite mascaras. It seems to me that I bought it hundred times and I will probably buy it a hundred times more. It makes my lashes perfect, it doesn't smudge, it is easy to find and quite affordable.
COLLECTION 2000 VOLUMAX mascara is another product that I was interested in because English beauty bloggers talk a lot about this brand. This mascara is old school. Not too wide or narrow brush, not rubbery, very pigmented but in such a poor packaging. I ordered it online for about 2 GBP but it comes in a rubbery tube that broke the first time I used it just by closing the lid. Naturally, air came inside, mascara went bad so quickly that I haven't had a chance to form an opinion about it, but I wouldn't buy it again.
And in the very end of this post, there is a Chanel lip gloss- glossimer in the colour number 65. It doesn't look like it is used up but it is on its last legs. I would be using it more but during my scraping for the leftovers of this gloss the stick broke so the applicator stayed in the tube. Don't be mad. This gloss is very old, was in my pocket during many winters and summers so it is not strange that that happened. I got many compliments when I wore it.

Those are my finished products. What are yours?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

I am not affiliated with cheapsmells or any brand that I mentioned. I buy all these products by myself, or they were given to me by friends and family.
A lot of products were already reviewed and many of them will get its post. That is because I think that used up products are great to review because you obviously know how they worked for you.
Thank you for reading!

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