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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eyes, Time Complex Capsules

Last eye cream that I used and reviewed was Eveline Bio-Energizing eye cream. It wasn't a horrible product but I also wasn't blown away by it. It didn't work wonders for my "not mature" skin so I couldn't recommend it to other women with more mature skin. I didn't think that it was nourishing enough. But, when I started using these capsules I was stunned by the fact that my skin was so "thirsty" that it felt like it was swallowing water like a man left in a desert who finally found his oasis... I could almost hear it drinking.

I bought these on cheapsmells, a respectable site where I do my shopping a lot. I am not affiliated with them in any way and I bought this product with my own money.  I bought a three pack (containing 90 capsules) and it costed me 22 GBP ( about $40, 28 Euros). That seemed as a good price to me because they will last me for three months and their original price is 45 GBP, which means that they are double the price of what I paid for them. You must add shipping to this price, which is about 2 GBP (in my opinion, not bad at all).

For me, one capsule is enough for one day. I apply half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening. My mother also bought these and when she first started using them, she used one in the morning and one in the evening. She naturally has more mature skin which is also dry. But she told me that she used them also for wrinkles around her nose and mouth area. Now, she uses them like me, half in the morning and half in the evening. We both apply them on our lid and below the eye.

This product is so mild that even if some of it gets in your eyes, it will not burn them at all. I never experienced that. Neither did my mommy...

Don't worry about a capsule being opened. It is made of some rubbery material and to open it, turn capsule tab twice and twist off. Squeeze onto fingertip or directly below your eyes and pat gently around eye area. The rest of the product will stay in capsule until you squeeze it out. So, if it falls or something it will stay in the capsule, it will only get out if you apply some pressure to it.

To be honest, when I first used this product I rolled my eyes because I wasn't expecting oil in it. Since I have oily skin I am not too fond of applying them to my already oily face. But this one disappeared almost immediately. That is when I realized how dry my skin was.

I am just starting my fight with wrinkles and fine lines so this didn't save me. But...I noticed that I have them and this product softened them and nourished my skin. My mother is thrilled with them. She says that they worked great not only for her wrinkles and fine lines, but also for her morning puffiness.

They don't contain preservatives, so no parabens here. And if you are more knowledgeable than me, here are the ingredients.

This is how Elizabeth Arden describes this product....

For the specific concerns of the delicate, vulnerable eye area. Encapsulated for optimum purity and potency, each application contains:
- Ceramide, to help strengthen skin's resistance to fine lines
- an exclusive complex with Vitamin E plus botanical extracts to soothe and comfort

Ceramide Eyes Time Complex Capsules
- help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness
- help relieve dryness
- preservative and fragrance free

The serum/oil inside of the capsule doesn't have a scent, it is applied in the morning and in the evenings, it sinks into skin quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue. You can apply your makeup normally in the morning after it. It won't affect it.

This is an awesome product for me, and my mother, we will both buy it again. I am going to try Estee Lauder Night Repair for eyes next (heard great reviews from anaviglam- check her out, she is amazing).

What are your thoughts on it? Any recommendations for me?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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