Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas bath with Avon... (green apple and winter rose bubble baths, and cranberry&cinnamon bath fizzes)

Don't you just LOVE December? But, unfortunately the first half of December passed by in a second for me... I don't understand where it went? I usually start buying gifts for friends and family in September but this year I wasn't that successful so I'll be standing in lines at the stores during this week... But I did buy a couple of things from Avon. Two liquid bubble baths and a package of three bath fizzes ( they remind me of bath bombs from Lush).

If you like the packaging, like me, you'll see them and buy them. But if you want to know more about their ingredients, how I like them and how they performed for me, you'll have to wait a little bit. I am going to try them and publish my reviews this upcoming week. For now I'am leaving you with links of products in Croatia but I am sure that you can find them in your country, too.

Green apple scented bubble bath...Link. It costs 24 kunas in Croatia (about $4.50, 2.90 GBP, 3.20 Euros) and comes in a Christmas tree shaped 250 ml bottle.

Deep red bubble bath that smells like a winter rose also comes in a 250 ml round bottle and costs the same...Link.
For my review on it, click here.

And a package of bath fizzes. There are three balls in a package which are cranberry and cinnamon scented. They claim that they are bubbly but I am not sure about that. Here is the link for them....Link They cost 29 kunas (2.90 GBP, $5, 4 Euros).

So HO HO HO to you and see you soon.

Love, beautyandbrains007!

I am not affiliated with Avon. I bought all of these products by myself.

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