Friday, 1 June 2012

Avon Perfectly Flesh nail polish (Nailwear Pro+)

 Although I am currently all about neons, I decided to go more neutral this time.

I have this nail polish for a while but, honestly, haven't been wearing it much. I was looking for a nude type of polish and tried this one.
As soon as I got it I was surprised because its name suits the product. It is like a foundation. Seems neutral but it can be tough to wear. I am a fair person and in the winter when I have zero tan, it looks...well...not flattering. Now, when I actually got some sun on my skin it is tolerable.
As you can tell, I am not crazy about this one.
The consistency is light and a bit watery. It separates but that doesn't affect the quality. Mine stayed the same. Just roll it between your hands before application.
I don't own any other Avon nail polishes because I had some earlier (when they had a different formula) and didn't like them. They were too thick. These aren't, at least not this one.
The brush is OK, not too small or huge and does the job.

Avon devides their polishes in several categories and this one has a shiny (not frosty) finish. The finish is really nice and it is not neccesary to put a top coat on. It does take a while for the polish to dry. I guess my mattes spoiled me?!
One coat isn't opaque enough, two are better, but for a perfect manicure look, I suggest three coats.

one coat/daylight/no flash

two coats/daylight/no flash

three coats/daylight/no flash
three coats with flash
You can buy this polish from any Avon lady or order it online. It costs 8$/4,80GBP/6 Euros for 12 ml of product (in my country, I guess it is less expensive in the States) but they are often on sale. Currently, they are 40% off so if you want to try any of them, now is the time.

That is my take on this polish.

What do you say? Tried it? Have any other polishes from Avon? Like this one?

Tell me about it...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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