Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My July 2015. Favourites

As far as I am concerned, July was an extremely hot month! Temperatures were just below 40 degrees Celsius and I had to work in a room without air conditioning...

In translation... In order to stay looking somewhat polished, I used very few products which helped me to resist the heat.

I have only three favourites in body care "department".

L'Occitane Verbena/verveine shower gel with fresh citrus scent has its own review on my blog so you can look it up if you want to know more about it, but it is a great and refreshing shower gel that will bring you back to life in high temperatures with its citrus scent of organic and freshly picked lemons, which is also good for your skin and not drying at all. In even less words, you need it! ;)

I already wrote about my love for Balea In Shower body milk, but I couldn't decide which one of them was my absolute favourite and now I know. For me the "dry skin" one in orange packaging  is the best! During heat I don't like to apply thick or too oily body butters/lotions on my skin. They just sit on the skin which can then sweat even more. Not my cup of tea. But then again, I don't want to stop nourishing my skin completely. Well, that is where this "baby" comes to the rescue. It is light but nourishing, it will fight away dry skin but you will forget that you even applied it. Definitely a great summer choice which I recommend you to try.

One more hot weather option was my Victoria's Secret Sunset Flower fragrance mist. Since I bought mine in Dubai when it was released (in spring 2013.), I am not sure if it is still available?! But, if you are like me and don't enjoy wearing perfume in high temperatures but still want to have some kind of signature scent, try a  lighter version of fragrance mist or body splash. It doesn't have to be VS, many widely available brands, like Avon, have them.

Although Caudalie Beauty Elixir is still my favourite and saviour in the morning, since I already included it in my June favourites, I decided to mention just one skincare/also a sun care product in my July favourites- La Roche Posay Anthelios XL tinted fluid with spf 50. I am a year late with my excitement, because everyone was raving about it last year, but I used something else then and made a mental note that I'll buy it next. And here we are, a year later I too am loving it. It is tinted but so lightly that I think it suits everyone. Since I am planning to write its own review, that is all that I will say for now. In any case, a great product which I highly recommend!

And, then there is makeup...which was very basic but I shopped my stash and played with some "new" products very successfully.

Nars palette is my go to travel choice. It contains a blush, a bronzer and four eyeshadow colours one of which is a good enough choice for my eyebrows. But, during July I played with Nars Orgasm blush especially. It is a beutiful coral colour with a hint of pink with a slightly satin finish which is so subtle that it will not emphasise your oily skin or large pores. Perfect! I know that it is a cult product which is well known in beauty community for years, but up until now I wasn't crazy about it. Liked it but didn't experience the wow factor. In July the two of us connected on a much deaper level and now we are in love... <3 + <3= :)

Another "I can't believe I didn't notice you earlier" product is my Chanel (Glossimer) lip gloss in the shade number 87. It was a gift for my birthday from a friend of mine. A nice peachy nude colour with golden shimmer didn't seem very innovative to me, so it lived inside of my makeup drawer for a while. But then, while I was shopping my stash again, I decided to try it out and man was I wrong... This one is so subtle but perfect, especially in the evening. It is an amazing choice for romantic candlelight diners or evening walks at the beach. Your lips will get a whole new dimension. Beautiful! Of course, it looks great during the day, too, but in the evening it becomes almost magical.

Lastly, I have to mention my new born love for avocado. I always loved guacamole sauce but never really ate raw avocado by itself. Well, that changed in July and now I am its true lover... When I read all the benefits avocado has to offer I became even more happy about my new choice. Try it, it might surprise you!

Those were my July Favourites. Which were yours? Do we share some?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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