Sunday, 25 November 2012

Long-awaited haul.....(Lush, Asos, Kik and DM)

This haul is quite late. I bought or have been given these things by people a long time ago. But, better late than never?! I want to share my little treasures with you.

I'll start with Lush!

You can buy Lush products in their stores or order them online. I got them from one of their stores but didn't buy them by myself. They were a present from Mr.Just Right.
I know you want to see what is inside of the bag, so....

and since you can't see everything, let's take them out...

I got two of the their fresh face masks, Ayesha and Love Lettuce (in Croatia you get 75 grams of product for 59 kunas which is about 5.90 GBP, 8.30 Euros, $11), Mrs. Whippy bubble bar (not sure for the price because it was a gift and I can't find it on Croatian site but I guess it was around 45 kunas for a "bar", about $8, 4.50 GBP, 7 Euros) and a Dragon's Egg bath bomb (44 kunas, about 4.40 GBP, $8, 6.20 Euros).

Their fresh face masks I adore. I already wrote a review on Love Lettuce. If you want to read it, click here. Bubble bars can go both ways, meaning that they can be incredible or a complete waste of money. Let's face it. Lush products are expensive, so I always expect the best. Bath bombs I'm not too crazy about because I miss bubbles when taking a bath, but sometimes I buy them because they look amazing. Don't we all?

Don't worry. These were gifts and that is why I love them a bit more, but when I will review them, I will forget that and be completely honest.
And they weren't given to me by Lush, they were a present from my dearest!

And now I little bit of jewelry...

I had a coupon for Asos and loved these earrings. Asos Mini Gem Flower Drop Earrings.

I didn't realize when I bought them but they are a clip on earrings (claw style setting) which can be great if costume jewelry earrings, like these are heavy. These aren't heavy but I like that they are clip on. That is not something you worry about when you are young but I don't like when I see too stretched earlobe.

Asos always ships their jewelry very well packed and secured.

If you want to see some better pictures of these earrings, here's their Asos link.

They are currently on clearance for 10.42 GBP but I bought them for less. They costed me 7.50 GBP. Shipping is free.

During a visit to a mall in Zagreb, I found these cute and trendy bracelets. They will cost you a lot more if you choose to buy a designer piece like Michael Kors. I wasn't prepared to spend much money so I decided to get these which I found in KIK.

I bought golden,


and gunmetal version.

These are from Verona Poth's collection but I saw many more in different colors by the register. They were all priced the same, 17.90 kunas (about 1.80 GBP, $3.25, 2.50 Euros). In my opinion that was a great price. I saw similar bracelets in New Look but they were much more and weren't better in any way. It was 59 kunas for a bracelet, which is abou 5.90 GBP, 8 Euros, $11.
When I was buying mine at KIK, a girl was there shopping with her mother and she was whining that they were rough and uncomfortable but they really aren't.
They can be narrow or wide, very easy to manage.

They are a lot shinier than they seem on my pictures. That is why I put a lot photos of them to try and show you how they are made.
I like them a lot and wear them often alone or with my watch. I have them for more than a month and they haven't changed their colour, all the stones are still in place and I recommend them.

And the last jewelry piece that I bought were these earrings that I found in DM.

They are two toned, golden and silver earring. They had just silver ones but I liked these better.

you can see better how shiny they are with flash
They are smooth in the back.

In the front they are really shiny although they don't have any stones. It is just the way they were processed.

They don't contain nickel. You can find them in DM for 39,90 kunas (about 4 GBP, 5.20 Euros, $7). I got them for 34 kunas with a coupon.

And that is it for my haul. What have you bought?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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