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Wet n Wild Greed Gourmandise palette

Hey everyone! Let me just say that I am sorry for my absence but I had major things going on in my life. I tied a knot and now I am officially a Mrs. Yes, this past weekend I got married. I am not going to bore you with my personal life. I have more time now to write new posts until my honeymoon which is on hold for now, due to my business obligations. I'll be going to.... You'll know when that time comes.

This is not the palette that I used on my wedding day but surprisingly I have been reaching for this little thing a lot this month. I got it a while ago and left it in a drawer. At the beginning of the month I took it out for pictures and started using it. It seemed OK when I bought it but this deserves a favorite of the month status (maybe I'll do them for the first time next month). I haven't heard or read much about this palette. If you want to know my opinion on some of their more popular palettes click here for petal pusher or here for comfort zone. 

The first colour that I swatched was OMG this is amazing!!! The top creamy, matte colour is so soft. I couldn't belive that it was from a drugstore range. It is soft and creamy, CRAZY pigmented, I wasn't even sure that it was a powdery shadow. For a second there it felt like a cream eyeshadow.

But when I went for a swatch on the top right side I was in for a surprise. How is it possible that in the same palette you can find such an amazing shadow and this one which is badly pigmented and not at all creamy? I was rubbing like crazy for a lame swatch. But, the interesting thing is that when I apply it in my crease on top of the medium matte colour it shows nicely. Keep in mind that I am fair. I must admit that despite its lack of pigmentation, this one is also a part of my "greedy" look. This is a grey/purple shade with golden sheen, nice in the pan but not as perfect when swatched.

you can see the colour better with flash but it is not so shimmery

This palette has six eyeshadows divided into two groups. On the left are matte shadows and one the right side are shimmery ones. You get 7 g of product (0.25 oz).
Since I already introduced you to the top row, let me tell you something about the medium/second row.

There are two peachy shades in the second row. Matte side is pigmented like its matte friend from above. It is an amazing all over lid colour which I use as a base. All the other colours look so much more pigmented when applied on top of this one. It is pigmented, soft and creamy.

Its shimmery sister on the right has a nice pigmentation but not as nice as the matte shade. Isn't it funny how usually matte shades from the drugstores aren't so pigmented and this palette proves differently? This shimmery shade is peachy/rose gold shade with tiny glitter which is visible but I can't determine the colour of the glitter. It looks nice. I apply it on top of the medium (peachy) matte shade in the center of the eye. It opens my eyes and looks beautiful!

Black matte shade from the bottom row is the least pigmented from matte shades in this palette. If you want an intense colour you will have to apply it several layers. I use it to tightline or instead of an eyeliner along my upper lash line.

And the last shade from this palette is an amazingly beautiful black with glitter (silver/blue and purple). It is highly pigmented and only shimmery shade in this palette that can compare to the mattes (by quality). I put it on top of matte black an it adds intensity and little something something to my eyes. I instantly look flirty and turn into a modern and adult Lolita. I love this shade, obviously!

sorry for the quality of this picture but you can see it better on other pictures

These shadows are really nice. They stay pigmented and vibrant all day long. I use a base, but I never apply eyeshadow without a base. That is just a part of my routine.

matte shades without a base and without flash
matte shades without a base/with flash
shimmery shades without a base and with flash
You can see on the picture what I have been talking about. Shimmery shade on top (grey/purple one) is the least pigmented, rose gold shade is much better and black glittery shade is amazing. Without flash this purple/grey shade was almost invisible. That is the reason I didn't put a picture of the swatch but you can see it on the picture of all shades swatched.

top row-mattes, bottom row-shimmery shades (without a base and flash)
without a base, with flash
You can create lots of looks with this palette. WnW also recommends day looks on the back of the palette (just peel off the label).

And if you add black you can easily create smoky, evening looks. If you don't feel inspired, you can always create a look that they suggested. Just keep in mind that this palette is a great choice for neutral eyes ladies. If you are more into colours, this is not the palette for you.

You also get two applicators with this palette but honestly, they are not the best quality. So harsh. You could use them, I guess, but not too often, I hope. One is like a brush and the other one is a sponge tip applicator.

Here are the ingredients for all of you that are interested.

So, if you ignore right top shade which really isn't pigmented enough, you get a nice palette for a good price. If you live in the USA you can find it in drugstores for $5 (minus coupons), but if you don't live there you have to buy it online. Ebay is always a great place to look for it but I bought it from nonpareilboutique. It costs $5 (3.50 GBP, 4 Euros) but when I bought it, it was discounted and there were additional 20% off for some holiday so in the end it costed a little more than $3. You must include shipping which is from $5-$8 depending on the weight of your parcel. Mine was $8 but I had a larger order, of course.

I am not affiliated with nonpareilboutique in any way. I just buy from their site. They offer PayPal which is a must in my case, have an awesome customer service and the parcels come qiuckly to Croatia (from 10 days up to 3 weeks max). Once, I ordered a polish from them and it broke. I just sent them pictures of broken polish and they sent me a new one on their cost and an apology.

Have you tried this palette or any of their other products that are not so popular?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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