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L'OREAL Perfect CLEAN foaming gentle scrub

Yesterday, I met for coffee a dear friend of mine. We haven't seen each other during summer so after a long talk she asked me: "What is up with your blog? There are no new posts?!". No, this is not "get to know me better" post but since several people told me that I should be more frequent with my posts, I decided to roll up my sleeves and start writing. My friend would say: "It was about time..." I know you are smiling right now, but that is OK, you look nice with that smile.

I have so many products that I want to share with you and so many used up things which are waiting for their reviews that I really should write more often. I love when I get a response from you, when you recommend something or tell me how a product worked for you. That is what this blog is all about.
This product is not in my empties pile but I really want to write about it.

I wrote many times about skin care and how much I enjoy it. Every beauty junkie knows how crutial it is to take care of your skin and cleaning it is certainly a way to go. That includes exfoliators. After olay microdermabrasion set that I had, I wasn't sure which way to go?! That set is hard to get in Croatia because it is not sold in stores and I didn't want to order it online for a ridiculous price. I had a DM coupon for this daily scrub and decided to try it.
This scrub is a part of L'OREAL's Perfect CLEAN line. You can find three products, two gel cleansers (pink one for dry and blue one for oily skin) and gentle foaming scrub (this orange one for all skin types). The thing that makes these products different is a rubbery brush that you get. It cleans your skin better than just washing face with your hands. I must admit, it is effective.

I had the blue cleansing gel before and liked it. I like the concept with the brush because, in my opinion, it removes makeup well (I wash my face twice: first time to remove my makeup and second time to actually clean my skin).

when used, you should apply scrub directly to the brush

You can see even in the bootle that this scrub has tiny particles in it (those are apricot seeds) so I figured that they in combination with the brush will do a good job.
It is recommended to use this product once a day, preferably at night. If your skin is nicely cleaned, any cream or serum will be more effective.

The brush (scrublet as they call it) may seem unwieldy but it not tough to deal with. It is made out of rubber so cleaning it is not a problem. I suggest to clean it after every usage. The packaging is made to fit it perfectly. It doesn't fall out.
When used, you should apply some gel directly to the scrublet, massage your wet face with it and wash it off. This should help your pores to stay clean.

This is not a bad product. It does clean your skin but if you go over it with a cotton pad and toner you might find some impurities. That depends on your day, skin type and the time of year. Now, when I have some tan I notice some residue left but I have oily skin, during other months when I am not as oily and pale (not kidding, I think that you can find me through Google Earth) that is not the case.
Is this a holy grail product? NO. If you are looking for a gel cleanser and like the concept of this one, you can try it, but, if you are looking for a good face scrub with a bit more power to it, I would say pass. This is too mild. Then again, it is ment to be daily, mild facial exfoliator.
I think it is gentle enough for any skin type, even sensitive. If it too harsh, don't use it as often.
The smell of it is OK, not overpowering, kind of watery with a little bit of apricot. Most people won't dislike it.


You get 150 ml of product and it will last you at least 3 months. You can find it in drugstores (mine is from DM) and it costs 36 kunas (about 3.60 GBP, 5 Euros, $7).

Have you got a good face scrub to recommend?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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