Monday, 11 June 2012


That's a big title, I know.

Generally, I love Alfaparf products and that is the reason why I bought this mask. They have great hair colours which my hair stylist used to use, and she also treated my hair with their hair care products. They were great, too! So, when I saw this in Kozmo (our national drugstore) it looked like there was a light behind this little box and a choir was singing Alleluiah! Since I earlier tried and liked their products, decision was made. I am going to buy this one. One day....

The price was like a cold shower. First it was 40+ $/30+ Euros/25 GBP for 200 ml/6.87 fl.oz of product. I waited and the price went down to 15 GBP/19 Euros/25 $. I also had some coupons so the price was better and I bought it. I am glad I bought it for reduced price because I would be very angry if I paid even more for it.

This mask won't damage your hair but it won't help it, either.
You should apply it to a clean and damp hair, leave it for 5 minutes, comb it out and rinse off with lukewarm water. I gave it even more time and left it for 10 minutes but nothing happened.

The consistency of it is weird. It is like some kind of jelly?!

When applied it doesn't feel heavy but it leaves your hair a bit greasy. I put it mainly on my ends but since I do have colour treated hair I need some care on my scalp, too. But there I put only what is left on my hands after massageing it into my ends.
The other thing that is very strange to me is that it doesn't help with combing out your hair one bit. It is like you don't have any conditioner on. And to me, that is a must! I don't want to pull my hair. Mask should help with combing it out to prevent any breakage and damage. And keep in mind that my hair is more on the greasy side, I have no curls, it is straight with highlights but nothing major.
Your hair will look shiny, but not that healthy looking shine from the commercials, rather a beachy look but with healthy hair (which mine is; if your hair isn't this will not help you). Don't know how to better describe it?
To each their own, but I expect more from a product with this price tag!!! It doesn't help better than any conditioner (I currently use John Frieda Go Blonder), so I don't see the point?

This is how the company describes it:
A new dimension in exclusive combination of the unique shine of Linseed Extract with the luxurious sparkle of Diamonds! Highly concentrated in Karite Butter and enriched with Diamond Crystals, Microcrystalline Mask deeply nourishes dry, treated hair, leaving it soft, shiny and easy to comb. It smoothes the hair cuticle, making it softer, glossier and more manageable.

And now me... You wish!!!  My hair is pretty greasy and it couldn't help it, so what would it do for dry or damaged hair?

I would skip this one.

What do you say? Have you tried it? Do you have different experience?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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