Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I've been busy... My May 2016. Empties (and April, and March, and February...)

I am on a roll with posts which are on time this month on my blog. I actually feel like it is first Monday in January and I made a decision to develop my blogging experience. But, it is really June and I am just in the mood for some empties. So, I am continuing with that thought and presenting you my Empties today! I do have to say one more thing: "Beware of the post!" Later you will see why?! Enjoy!

We all said farewell to May 2016., so I am going to show you which products are going to history with it. As usual, they are dived into categories starting from the top, meaning hair care products. Seeing these two together, one could think that I was playing with conditioner a bit too much which resulted with greasy hair that then needed some help from dry shampoo?! But, in reality, I bought this conditioner last summer during a 50% off sale in DM, along with two other products from Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light line for greasy hair. I purchased shampoo, conditioner and hair mask and wasn't too crazy about any of them. The conditioner was better than the mask (which did absolutely nothing for my hair, didn't even make the combing out easier), the shampoo was OK, but I really wouldn't recommend any of these or buy them again. But the product I would recommend is definitely The Batiste Strength & Shine dry shampoo which has its review here, so I wil not be going into details. If you are into dry shampoos and need a good one, you really have to try this one! I love it!!!

It seems that there was a theme in the category of face care products and it goes by the word Caudalie... I love that brand and that is why you will often see their products in my posts, especially favourites. Here we have similar but very different products that provide moisture for your face. One is very well known Caudalie Beauty Elixir that I reviewed here and which I highly recommend. And the other one is a milder version, Caudalie Grape Water which I wasn't crazy about and in my opinion is a distant cousin of Beauty Elixir which will never experience his glory. It is not a bad product but for me it is nowhere near the quality of Beauty Elixir and that is why I will not buy it again.

There are two other products in face care category which aren't made by Caudalie but also have something in common. I received both of them in the Net a Porter beauty boxes. The Earth Tu Face face balm was a beautiful organic product with immortelle which helped my skin to stay looking healthier during cold winter months. But, now when the weather is completely different and warm, it would have a completely different and not as good effect on my oily skin, so I am glad we finished with each other just in time to remember all the good times we spent together. The other product - Verso 2. Step Day cream I wasn't crazy about, didn't see that it did anything for my skin and I wouldn't buy it again.

When our faces are taken care of, they are beautiful canvas for makeup. Here I have two finished products, Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder which was not the best that I have ever tried, but it was nice. But, there was so much of this products that I got bored with it. The other one is a travel size EYEKO Black Magic mascara which I didn't like. The good thing about it is that it is long-lasting and doesn't smudge, but as far as volume and length is concerned, it is just bla. Bla. Bla. If I wanted my lashes to look completely natural, I wouldn't wear mascara, but since I like my lashes to be all glammed up, this one is a NO NO. You can already conclude by yourself that I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it.

One of my favourite care products are in the body care domain. After a long time without free time for long baths, I actually managed to steal a couple of bath time moments in May. I finished two bath products from Lush, one is a bath oil and the other one is a bubble bar. I mixed them together and enjoyed the ride. I also finished The Atrix Intensive Protective Cream hand cream which I used both for my hands and my feet. It was OK. I did find a new, great product that wowed me and that is The Oriflame Activelle Cotton Dry roll on. It had such a nice and soft scent, was were gentle to my armpits, smelled divine, lasted the whole day and I would definitely buy it again. Same goes for the The Balea Cream-öl body lotion - Marula with almond oil. It is great!!! Super inexpensive, light but nourishing, and if you are worrying about dry spots on your body, you really need to try this one!

You've seen this ESI Aloe Vera juice bottle many times. It is not very tasty, you drink it with water, but it offers lots of benefits to your body. I love it and recommend it!

My empty 100 ml bottle of Noa Cacharel perfume will be the last one to say goodbye to May... I love this perfume, can't say enough about it and am happy to say that a new bottle is already in action.

That was it for May Empties... But we still haven't reached the end.

Although I didn't post my previous Empties from April, March and February, that doesn't mean that I didn't mean to do so. I have pictures of them which I will also share with you, maybe with a word or two as well.

April 2016.

all together

hair care products

face care

mini sizes that I decided to finish

Makeup.... Too Faced shadow insurance is my favourite, and MAC Bronzing Powder was OK

Body care... Did I mention how much I love Body Shop body butters?


March 2016.

March Empties all in one place

hair care... dry shampoos anyone?

face care

makeup items... almost all about the eyes

body care... minis have to go!

February 2016.

February Gang! So many wonderful products...

up close

all three of these were great for me...

makeup empties?!

lip balms
one finished and one crap!

These were also <3 <3 <3

Now we are done.

If you managed to stay with me until the end, thank you. If you thought that this post was awful, look on that from the bright side. You will not be reading Empties post until next month. ;) :)

Thank you for reading...

Questions? You know where you can find me ;).

Love, beautyandbrains007

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  1. Hahaha, love your sense of humor, girl. Nope I don't think this post was awful, lol, lots of empties indeed. Happy new week, doll.