Thursday, 23 April 2015

I've been busy... My Empties from March 2015.

After my last Favourites post (here), it is that special time of the month again, when I write about my Empties. Actually, a bit later than usual but I just had to publish this post now. I don't know if any of you remember that I mentioned a huge Empties post from the last six months of 2014.?! I started working on it, wrote a huge part of it and then one weekend my Mom went to my place when I was away, saw three bins of empty cosmetic pots and tubes and that was the end of my post.... It went away with a garbage truck. Of course, I didn't make photos of all of that "junk" before. So, the moral of this story is to write your montly Empties post regularly :)! 

Most of my last month's Empties are every day hygiene and beauty products. One of them is a travel size Molton Brown shower gel which came in my January's Lookfantastic Beauty Box (here). I am thinking about writing a quick review on it, just to kind of let you know how some of these (Beauty Box) products performed for me. They often aren't a cheap choices, so maybe some of you would be interested in it? I wasn't too thrilled with this product but my photos of it turned out great! I also used up a home made Hello Kitty organic soap which my friend made for me. I was very happy with it, and it was super cute <3! She made me her version of lavender bath bombs and I used up one of them. It was very, very good as well. So, THANK YOU D.!

My Lush Ultimate Shine solid shampoo (shampoo bar) which has its own review here, is also done. It was good but I am not sure if I will buy it again. A travel size Balea body milk also went to history. I used it as a hand cream and it was OK, a bit more greasy than I like my hand cream to be, but I generally really like Balea products! And the last from this category  is one of my all time favourites, Nivea Fresh roll on! I love it, went through numerous bottles of it and now I changed it up, but just a bit. I bought Nivea roll on again but a Powder Touch version.

I used up two hair products. One old school Head & Shoulders shampoo that I always have in my bathroom. I wash my hair once a week with it to avoid dandruff. Honestly, I don't know the last time that I had problems with my scalp? The other one is a different kind of shampoo and at this moment my favourite dry shampoo- Batiste Strength & Shine dry shampoo, which is phenomenal!!! My hair tends to be greasy so having an option for lazy or stressful days is great! I highly recommend it.

As for my face care, I again went through a bottle of Olival's toner from their immortelle line. I talk so much about their products that I think there is no other way to go than writing a review on them. There are lots and lots of reviews about these products but I think mine will be welcome, too. After all, I keep raving about them... Another product that I go on and on about are Balea cotton pads. I used up two packages and can't say enough about them. If you will have a chance to try them, please do. I don't think you'll be sorry. And the last face product that I went through is my Murad Oil Free Skin Perfecting Lotion that I loved and wrote about here and here.

I didn't go through a lot of makeup. I only finished two mascaras, one drugstore, Maybelline One by One, and one high-end, Armani Eyes to Kill. I was thrilled with One by One mascara when it first appeared on the market but now I think that its formula isn't the same. It is not as lasting anymore and it crumbles below my eyes during the day. Eyes to Kill mascara was better on that topic but it surprised me how dry the formula was from the beginning. I wasn't sure what I thought about it, so I never wrote a review on it, and I still don't know what to say?!

The last Empties in this post are my dietary supplements. I went through a bottle of Aloe Vera juice that I drink every day and through a packaging of My Vitamins Vitamin C dissolvable tablets (also from one of the Lookfantastic Beauty Boxes, I wrote about them here). I liked both of them and they are probably my "beauty comes from within" helpers.

And that was it for my last month's Empties? How did you do? 

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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