Saturday, 19 January 2013

I've been busy... (my finished products for December)

I am aware of the fact that I am quite late with this post but I am so busy in my everyday life that I just don't have the time to write the posts for my beloved blog more often. But here are the products I have used up in December.

Plus one more that I have almost forgotten, which would be a shame since I love it!!!

Elizabeth Arden eye capsules. I love them. Bought them on cheapsmells as a three-pack with 90 capsules. Gone through two of the "boxes" already, which you will see in my next month goodbye products, or as I like to call it- I've been busy section. They have oily consistency but they sink into skin fast and applying makeup after them will not be a problem. They nourish the skin and don't contain parabens. If you want to read my more in depth review, click here.

Back to my other finished products.

Balea cream shower gel with coconut and Tiare flower. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of this one. Too much Tiare and too little coconut. It is affordable, about 10 kunas (about $2, 1 GBP, 1.30 Euros). I've seen it in a pack with body lotion for 22 kunas in DM (about 2.20 GBP, $4, 3 Euros). I haven't tried the lotion but I am not interested. The shower gel wasn't foamy enough, I had to use a lot of it and, I just didn't like it and would not buy it again.

This paper behind of it is from Dragon's ball- Lush bath bomb. If you like their bath bombs, you will like this one, too. If you are more for bubble baths, skip this one. You can read my review HERE.

And the last two products from the picture above are both from Avon- Green apple bubble bath and Cinnamon and Cranberry bath fizz (this sorry little piece of red foily paper, I forgot to save the box). I've reviewed them both so you can click here to see how I liked them. Wasn't too crazy about them either. The green apple doesn't have a stopper on top so too much products comes out for just one bath (and even then my tub wasn't as foamy as I like it to be) and fizzes are just going to colour your water but, although they are marketed to create luxurious foam, there is none.

Next are disposable razor blades from Balea. I buy them all the time and like them. You get five in one pack, they are affordable, not sure exactly how much they cost but they are about 8 kunas (about 0.80 GBP, $1.40, 1 Euro). I use them for my armpits only. They are not bad and I would buy them again.

Eveline body lotion with orchid and coconut. I bought this lotion during summer when I was still at the Croatian coast, and it lasted a long time. I was hoping that it will be more coconuty but, unfortunately, this too is more flowery (orchidy). It is not a bad lotion but for really dry skin it wouldn't be a good solution. I like that it has a pump on the top because I find it convenient and hygienic but when you come to the end of this product you will have to remove it and scrape out the rest of the lotion. By the claims on the bottle, they don't test on animals, which is great, but this product contains parabens so if you are against them, this is not for you. I wouldn't repurchase this product.

This, on the other hand is my must have product. Nivea Fresh roll on. I love it and this probably is my hundred bottle. I know, I am exaggerating, but I really do buy this one again and again. I don't know if it will last for 48 hours but it will give you a 24 hour protection. I love the smell of this one but you have several scents to choose from. You can buy it everywhere and it will cost you about 20 kunas ($4, 2 GBP, 3 Euros).

Another must have product for me. Ebelin nail polish remover. Another DM product, affordable and great! They' ve changed the packaging but the product is the same. It is also great for dark and glittery polishes, and it really removes them nicely. I even use it to remove Shellac (with a little help from cotton balls and aluminum foil).

So, those are mine used up products. What are yours?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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