Friday, 25 January 2013

CHANEL- Rouge Allure Pure Shine lip gloss, 56 IMAGINAIRE

Imagine....this little guy has been everywhere with me since I got it. It laughs with me, goes out with my friends, kisses my love, it is literally- everywhere! I love it!

I am ashamed to admit that this wasn't one of my finds. I saw it on a friend of mine and thought, Oh...I wish that he was with me?! Thankfully, it was just a lip gloss so no one got hurt. I was admiring it so much that she wanted to buy it for me as a Christmas present but it wasn't available until 2013 (it was, but it was sold out in Croatia, which leads me to conclusion that somewhere are women like me crazy about this one; fellow groupies hello!!!).

It is expensive but hey, it's Chanel?! Not that that is an excuse... It will cost you 240 kunas in Croatia (about 24 GBP/$42/31 Euros). I of course didn't pay that much for it because it was on sale plus I had a coupon, so in the end the price was more reasonable for someone like me who just can't pay the full price...
The packaging is very simple but chic. Sturdy, black, glass container with a small chanel sign and gold top with their logo. Ugh...I know it's shallow but it is like a weapon when I pull it out of my purse- in a good, feminine way.

It is shorter and wider than their glossimers. The amount of product that you get is also different- 8g/0.28 oz in Rouge Allure version, and 5,5 g/0.16 oz in Glossimers. The price, naturally is also different- 24 GBP/$42/31 Euros for Allure, and 20.40 GBP/$37/26 Euros.

Chanel Rouge Allure lip glosses are marketed almost like shiny lipsticks. They should be pigmented, shiny and long lasting. The colour I chose is not the most vibrant so I can't say that they are crazy pigmented. In fact, one could say that it is dull, but belive me, so many people will notice it, it surprised me, too.
It has a smooth and rich consistency, but it is not goopy or too sticky. Yes, your hair can get stuck on your lips but not as much like with so many other glosses.
Its longevity is good but hey, it's a lip gloss, so don't expect more than 2-3 hours, depending on how much you drink, eat, talk, kiss?! I LOVE IT!!!

This is how it looks on my lips. The photo is blurry, I apologize.

It has a very soft sponge tip applicator.

It is molded on both sides so that your lips can be closed while applied.

For me, there is something so special about this lip gloss?! Its scent- smells like makeup but in a modern way with just a twist of Coco Chanel? Its colour which is nude-pink-coral at the same time, wakening that small girl in me but still letting her to be a young woman?! On my friend it seemed a bit glittery but I didn't notice that on myself.

I almost forgot to post the ingredients.

To conclude:
this is a great and shiny lip gloss; the colour doesn't seem vibrant but it makes a huge difference;It is expensive so I suggest to find a coupon or sale when you are buying it; the scent is mild and I don't think it will bother a lot of women; longlasting?- not bad for a lip gloss but MAX 3 hours; and the last question- would I buy it again- Y E S!!!!!!

What is your verdict?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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