Saturday, 20 February 2016

New in...

I love when beauty junkies with blogs buy new things. Then you can see beautiful photos of that little beauty tresures and imagine that one day you will have them lined up like that as well. But the reality in my case is a little bit different. This is how I put them together!

If you are wondering, there isn't a particular order but they were all bought or were given to me last year, hence the Birthday edition of Lookfantastic Beauty Box from September.

The last one that I ordered from them. This year I decided that I will only order them if most of the products are something I am really interested in. Sure, beautiful special edition boxes got me interested but the truth is that thier content, for the most part, wasn't for me.

You can find Balea products in probably every New in of mine. Their In Shower Body Milk with Vanilla is a must for me (can you tell?) and this nipple cream was a recommendation from a friend to tackle really dry areas of the skin that can appear on our faces during winter months. It is good but I am not thrilled.

I bought and used up some Byphasse products as well. They are OK, micellar water and face gel cleanser were quite nice but I hated this Eye make up remover. It wasn't efficient and has overpowering floral scent... Didn't like it one bit!

I make sure that my everyday products are always in stock, so here you can see a bottle of my favourite kind of Batiste Dry Shampoo (Strength & Shine) and a roll on (not my beloved Powder Touch, which is still my favourite).

I tried some new products and they wowed me... I LOVE this Afrodita Chamomile Sensitive Care eye cream. It is amazing and incredibly affordable!

I always buy a few new products when in drugstores as you can see. This L'Oreal True Match foundation is incredible and I can't believe that I forgot to mention it in my January Favourites?!

I also wanted to get some Essence stuff, so I did. Don't you hate it when people mess with products and don't buy them in the end? Well, I didn't realize that in the store, but someone left their dirty fingerprints on my palette, so, I will throw it away as soon as I swatch it. Can't imagine to put that on my face!

If you aren't in Croatia but will visit Croatia one day, you must try something from Olival. It is a Croatian brand and I love their immortelle line. Toner is amazing, micellar water as well, and now I discovered  their Immortelle Golden Face Oil. True love...

Do you guys do catalogue shopping? I usally browse through Avon's catalogues but my friend now sells Oriflame so I made some new purchases there as well.

There was a big sale at Douglas last year and I got myself some new Chanel products. I like Chanel, especially for a good deal.

I also recieved Chanel Fauve eyeshadow as a gift. Isn't it beautiful? Like a powdery version of my beloved Illusoire?!

At the end of the year there were free shipping moments at Net-a-Porter and Outnet, so, I made some purchases there, too.

My Significant other brought me some Body Shop goodies from his trip. Chamomile cleansing oil was what I wanted and other products are his choices. He did GOOD.

That is it for last year's choices. I didn't really do much beauty shopping in 2016. and you can see why?! I am very well equiped!

How do you like my new toys?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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  1. Wow! That's a great haul, girl. The Chanel eye shadow looks awesome. Has the Chanel foundation a more matte or dewy finish?

    1. Yes,I think so, too ;) Chanel foundation is more on a dewy side but if you apply some powder on top it acts great even on my really oily t-zone. In any case, the glow it gives is very subtle. Having said that, a friend of mine who has dry but porcelain skin hates it! She says that it us greasy on her. And I, with oily t-zone, like it?!

  2. Awesome! I like this a lot.

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  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lenya! <3
      And sorry for the delay in my response ;) :*