Sunday, 22 March 2015

LUSH FAIR TRADE foot lotion

It has been far too long from my last Lush post here on my blog by my standards, so I am going to write a thing or two about their Fair Trade foot lotion, that I am almost out of. 

It comes in a plastic 225 g big Lush pot and costs 111 Croatian kunas (about 14.30 Euros/10.45 GBP/15.40 $). My pot is a bit smaller since it came in one of their gift boxes. The pot is good because by having five empty ones, you can bring them back to Lush and choose a free face mask. Some people don't like the idea of this pot packaging because of the germs but I wouldn't worry about that in this case since I never take product with dirty hands and this lotion is for my feet. It is not like I eat with them?! The fact that mine looks so beat up is a result of me cleaning it with a moist cloth which rubbed off some of the letters. I had no idea that my cleaning was so powerful?!

This is how Lush describes it:
"Tired feet will thank you for the cooling sensation of this refreshing, easily-absorbed lotion. A few applications will soon transform hard, dry and cracked feet: use last thing at night and wake up to soft feet that smell of creamy peppermint. The peppermint and spearmint oils here have a triple action: fragrancing the product, deodorising the feet and stimulating the circulation, giving that cooling menthol feeling."
First of all, this lotion is different than others of this type because of its pink colour, which most women will love, and most men won't. In my case, when I get my Significant other to massage my feet and then show him this lotion, his excitement about that becomes even less visible. The face of IwishYouwouldkillmerightnow and the sound of No,notagain says it all. He hates it! He hates that it leaves my skin looking more pink, that it is somewhat runny but greasy at the same time, and I must admit that because of it, my feet get less massage time from him.

As I already said, it has a very thin and kind of runny texture, but is also oily at the same time. In my opinion that is why it is called a lotion and not a cream. It smells mostly like peppermint but I didn't notice much of a colling effect.

When you rub it on your skin, this might leave a residue on your sheets. In my opinion it is best to wear socks with it until morning and that is how it will work best! Although I don't think that it would be nourishing enough for really dry and cracked feet. I also don't think that it would be good as a daytime foot lotion because it is greasy and would make your bare feet slide inside of your flip flops, shoes...

If you need something for your really dry and cracked skin, I would suggest pedicure first and something like Avon's Planet Spa mask. If you only need to keep your feet nice and soft, a simple Balea Foot cream would be as good as this, and actually even better. So, sorry Lush but for that price and your reputation, we expect more, at least I do! 

you can see the oily residue on my hand (keep in mind that skin here is completely different than on your feet, especially heels)

To conclude, I wouldn't buy this again or recommend it.

What do you think? Have you tried this? Did it work better for you?

Tell me...

Love, beautyandbrains007

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