Wednesday, 22 October 2014

BALEA AQUA eye cream/gel

I am preparing a pretty overwhelming post about my empties in November. It will be like a beauty products of all kinds massacre in which you will see how much products I've used up in a five months period. If you have ever read my empties posts you alredy know that I really like to finish my products. When you are so into beauty, it is such a good feeling to play with products and finish them. Then you can really form an opinion how a certain product worked for you, and when some of these products repeatedly appear in your empties bin, I think it is time for a review. So, today I bring you a review on Balea Aqua eye cream/gel.

It is a cream, very light in texture, almost like a gel but a bit richer, which is meant for the sensitive skin around your eyes. This cream doesn't promise a miraculous anti-age effect that will wipe off all your fine lines and wrinkles, but very simple, it promises to provide moisture for your skin which will reduce and remove signs of puffiness. It fulfills it claims with a little help of blue algae and thermal water. It is recommended to use it twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings (which I did) and in return she will moisturize your eye area.

I'm in my thirties, so my journey with wrinkles and fine lines has begun… especially around my eye area. And I won't lie. I bought this cream/gel twice already in DM. First time because of curiosity, low price and previous positive experience with Balea's Aqua line (I had their Aqua serum and loved it!), and second time because this cream turned out to be great, my other eye cream was vanishing fast from its pot, I was lazy and without any idea what to purchase next, and YES… Have I mentioned alredy that this is a very wallet friendly choice? ;)

My impressions… This is a very good and light cream which nicely moisturizes your eye area, sinks quickly and nicely into the skin without being greasy, which also means that it doesn't leave an oily residue, so it won't affect your makeup application or longevity in any way. It is unscented and also very mild, so much that it is recommended for people who wear contact lenses. My eyes aren't overly sensitive but they do sting and tear up if an eye cream accidently ends up in them. I never had that experience with this one. But because this is a moisturizing cream I think it is a much better choice for spring and summer, because it might not be enough for winter conditions and all the things that come with that (cold, winds, central heating…). That time of the year I suggest to go for something more nourishing. For oily skin, you can still use it in the mornings, but dry skin, especially mature one, should go for something else. Also, as I stated before, this doesn't fight any signs of ageing so if you need something a bit stronger, you should also look further. I don't struggle with dark circles so I don't know how it deals with them, but for young girls with oily or mixed skin that just want to offer their skin rehydration, this would be great.

It comes in a small plastic 15 ml tube. Since it is a Balea brand product, you can find it in DM stores for the price around 25 kunas (I think it costs 21,90 kunas, but am not 100% certain; which is about 4.15$, 3.25 Eura, 2.57 GBP).


From my experience (I have oily skin with first signs of ageing) it was a very good eye cream, with all the pros and cons mentioned above in mind. I have bought it twice already and would buy it again for mornings. In translation, I would encourage you to try it out. Even if you will not be crazy about it, its price is so affordable that a possible miss will not hurt your wallet. On the other hand, who knows? Maybe you'll find a new affordable trustworthy friend?

Did you try this cream? Anything else from Balea's Aqua line? Any recommendations?

Tell me…Love, beautyandbrains007

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